The Best Energy Drink! (And it's vegan!)

Energy, energy, who needs more energy? All of us do.
Helloodles lovelies! 
Today I am sharing one of my all time favourite, absolutely the best, simple and vegan, energy drink recipes. I know, it's so exciting! 
But first, a warning and a kind of funny story.
Vega Sport is an all natural, pre-workout drink mix that I discovered when it first came out on the market,  I found this stuff at a health food expo. It was such a life saver of a product because I was actually working at the expo with my brother, at a vegan "meat" stall, and by day 3 we were both zonked. You try prepping, talking, walking, explaining, showing, cooking, and giving tastings for 10 hours straight. We were really feeling it and I even lost my voice at one point, which I am prone to after too much talking or high stress situations for a long period of time. We came in early for set-up on day 2 and I can honestly say, we were in bad shape.
That's when we discovered a stall that had set up early and was offering the zombie worker's a zap of this new drink. I was skeptical, sure this was a dubious product.
Let me explain why.
I worked in the health food industry for years and there was always some new, miracle product coming out every other week. I learned to take any and all claims with a grain of salt and still do; I recommend you do as well. The other reason for my skepticism, is that I DO NOT like these high sugar, heart palpitation causing, jitter inducing, dangerous and unhealthy, energy drinks on the market today. I am extremely sensitive to them and have legitimate concerns with regards to what they do to our already over-taxed adrenal glands, and way too high cortisol levels. I have also noticed that my eczema comes out when these are in my system. Needless to say, I had my reservations about Vega Sport's claims and how I would respond. Turns out, the ish was amaze bombs! Yes, I said it.
We were energized without feeling like we were overly wired, we were clear headed, well focused, and did not come crashing down at the end of the day. My brother and I went back and each bought a container of the stuff and have been converting others to it ever since.
I use it for my pre-workout and notice that I have a much better exercise session when it's in my system. When I had thyroid and adrenal issues, I decided to back off it completely and think it was a good decision. Now I am much better and use it as I need it.
I have given this to a friend who's husband works as security for big to-do outdoor events in the summer. He noticed that he was not recovering well and was feeling very sleepy whenever he worked them, also, since hitting his thirties he finds his metabolism does need a boost at times. I recommended this with Vega's hydrator and it all worked like a charm, she went and got him a bottle and he is very pleased with the results.
Here's where the warning and funny tale comes in.

I showed this product to two co-worker's on a particularly hectic and exhausting work day, like, totally nuts schedule of a week, that included difficult people and loads of running. They could not understand how I was still standing, all energized, and functioning so well. I told them my secret, showed them my special mix I stashed in the fridge for such occasions, and asked them if they wanted some for the next morning. I also gave them the warning about coffee and the like, they nodded and I told them to take as they please. 
The next morning they both tried it and we all proceeded to watch them have some crazy meltdowns. 
My manager was freaking out at the desk, like, OH! My! GAAAAAH!
"What is wrong with my chest? Why is my heart beating so fast? I am sweating A LOT. What is wrong with me?"
Then Mr. Man comes in. I should say, twister cyclones in, and is bouncing from person to person, desk to desk, mile-a-minute chatter boxing, super-hyper, and basically acting like a wound up top set loose on us poor unsuspecting humans. 
Let's not even get started with the incessant giggling, oh my gaaaah!!!! He could not stop. 
Finally, after everybody was wondering aloud what the deal was, I pulled them both aside and said, "What is wrong with you two?"
The reply? 
"Oh, it's all your fault. We listened to you, we took that product and now we're crazy and our bodies are going to explode, whoa." More giggling, followed by louder giggling, then a, "Hold on- I need to put my hand on the wall. Is everybody moving as fast as I think you are?" 
I looked at them with narrowed, analyzing eyes. 
"Did you two have any coffee?"
Their faces were locked in a mutual look of horror because they suddenly recalled the warning I had given them. 
She had had 2 cups, which is why she had been spared the worst of it but was dealing with unpleasant heart palps. I gave her two cups of chamomile tea and it helped. 
He had had 6 cups. Are you for real????? 
I threw up my hands, he was a lost cause for the next 3 hours. 
Everyone in the office was killing themselves laughing, then it became obnoxious, so we sent him out to run errands. He vanished for a few hours-thank God, and when I found him he had finally settled at his desk. Only problem was that after he came down from it all, he felt like an absolute craptucular, pile of, mushy, kill me now, goop. 
Lesson learned.  
So, now that you have been mildly entertained, I shall show you what Vega Sport looks like and I shall put the recipe up that you came for.
Just remember to heed my warnings, it has Yerba Mate, Devil's claw herb, Rhodiola, and Green tea. You don't need coffee with this plant based wonder.

It's all about the Vega Sport baby! On the left side is the berry flavour one, turns out I don't like this flavour at all but mummsie does. I adore the lemon-lime and this recipe uses that flavour.
Normally this retails for $49.99 for 540g but I usually snag it on special and pay $39.99 and have gotten it for $29.99 once-score!
I don't use it as much as my girl who is a gym rat. I gave up those days and prefer my home training, power walks, along with yoga and swimming. Use as you would a normal pre-workout. Just be warned, the Stevia one is cloying, no touchie for me. I suggest you buy the individual packets of the products in the two flavours and choose the one you prefer. One packet runs at about $3-$4, less of an investment.

What I like about this drink is that the mix of ingredient's makes it taste like iced tea, I kid you not! Everybody is kind of chicken about the colour but once they taste it, I have to fend them off.
Get your own buddy! Nah, I am a total softie and like to share.
Here you go people, hope you get to try this delightful, refreshing, vegan, healthy, and deeelish drink. 


300 ml Cold Spring water or filtered cold water
1 Scoop Vega sport lemon/lime flavour (I use 1/2 a scoop because I am weak sauce, but the flavour is better with 1 full scoop.)
300 ml Real, Brown, Fresh Apple juice.
Feel free to juice it yourself but just do not use that yellow pee-pee stuff. Yuck!
Ice cubes

-In a sports shaker with one of those metal spiral balls in them if you have, add all except ice.
-Shake well, add ice and drink to your heart's content.
I take half of this mix 20 minutes before my workout and drink the rest during my cardio, then switch to water for resistance and weight exercises.

We cannot forget the R-E-A-L apple juice.Trust me, this does not work with the fake stuff. It has to be the real brown one. We have a local place here in QC that sells this in the grocery stores, health food stores, and in the market's. I have found it recently at Costco too and it's a good price for the HUGE jug.

Yes, I have no shame, I pasted cutesie hearts by way of filter on this last picture because I heart it that much. That's the shaker I got with my container of Vega Sport when they had a promo, also got a t-shirt but it's in the wash so no pic for now.
Get your sport on with this energy drink, you can also freeze it overnight if you want it really cold for a long hike or on a super hot day.
Leave your comments people, I want to know if you tried this and what you think.
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Take care, be well, love freely.
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