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Holidays 2018

Hello Sweet pea's!

Christmas is almost upon us and I wanted to do a quick post before this last week,  leading up to the madness, gets away from me.
I have been quiet on the blogging front this past while as I have been keeping busy doing replacement shifts at work, taking care of my health on my down time, and making my cookie and jam gifts on my off days.
The holidays are always an exciting and happy time for my family and I; this year we are keeping it simple, as I have to respect doctor's orders to take it easy. However, I have learned that I can pick some traditions and leave others aside, which has allowed me to respect my health and keep the holiday spirit going.
One of the things we chose to let go of, was decorating our home.
Every year we make a big event of getting together, having a pre-Christmas meal, and trimming the tree. The house gets decked out, the food is delicious, and we have a lot of fun. As lovely as it all is, my mold recovery has deemed it to be too much. I simply lack the energy and strength, so I prefer to pick what I can do, stick to what stresses my health the least, while making sure I am not taxing my body, so I can still go to work.
I did however come across some beautiful, nature based, Christ-centered, low-cost, decorating ideas that I liked, and may try out next year.

I decided to start my canning in November and that was pretty much completed by the first weekend in December.
This is a yummy Blackcurrant & Woodland Tea Jam, (new recipe) I wanted to try out for a while.
Then I started my yearly Christmas cookie bake fest! We are nearing the finish line with these, and should be done this week.

And, I am finally fulfilling some of my Christmas bucket list dreams. Am feeling super blessed to be well enough to do so. God is good, and Jesus has been my comfort and peace during some really tough times. 
Am back to baking right now, so am wishing you and yours the best for this holiday season!