5 Ingredient Almond Snack Spread

Morning lovelies! 
I am running around uber early because I have tests for my thyroid and that means restless night, early morning, not much appetite or time to cook. 
You know those mornings and days when you are so pressed for time that eating healthy in a short amount of time seems impossible? 
That's when I throw together this yummy, quick, simple, and paleo grab then go spread. If you are vegan, feel free to substitute the honey for maple syrup, I don't ever recommend agave nectar anymore because research has shown it to be just as bad for you as corn syrup, high in fructose, which is the kind of sugar cancer thrives on, and I noticed before any research came out that my body was reacting negatively to it. Honey and maple in small amounts are a much better alternative and whenever possible please try to do organic honey, from local sources, where been keepers are being responsible and not contributing to our precious bee's demise. Without bees, our all important pollinators, we loose food. Period. 
Make an effort to find out more and get involved, and remember that your purchases make a tremendous impact. By buying organic honey you are telling big corporations that you don't want pesticides destroying our food supply, insects, animals, and the environment. 
I think Einstein said it best:

Here is a simple recipe for a Tasty Tuesday morning, hope you and yours have a blessed day.


2 Tbsp Almond butter 
1 tsp Cinnamon ground
2 tsp Organic honey (can sub with maple syrup or omit and use stevia) 
1 tsp Vanilla extract 

Mix all and spread on slices of apple or banana, great on celery with raisins or on gluten free toast. 

Enjoy and remember to share with someone you love.
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  1. I didn't know today was the day for the Dr! I pray all goes well Kiki, Abba is with you. Je t'aime fort ma belle chérie!