How to Prep for a Detox, Juice Fast, or Cleanse Part 1


Hello Lovely People,

Today we are at the jumping off point for a 3 day cleanse and there is a lot of ground to cover for prep, so let us dive right in! It takes about 7-10 days to properly prep for a true cleanse/fast.

Many people get frustrated with diet's because all too often they simply do not work, there have been numerous studies as to the effectiveness of dieting, fad diet's, calorie reduction, low-fat foods, and all that "miracle" in a pill, jazz. 
Bottom line? 
They work in the short term with little to no success. But in the long-term studies have proven that crash diet's have a super high failure rate; and most people end up putting on an additional 10 or more pounds than what they weighed before the crash diet began. 
Crashing is not good, no one wants their plane to crash, or their relationship to crash & burn, or for things to come crashing through our homes/lives. Then why do we run to crash diet's?
Simply put, we want a quick fix, easy out, least amount of work with maximum results.
This is just not how life works and I am not going to lie to you.
It took time for the weight, health problems, bad habits, negative mind set, and self loathing, to make their mark on you. It will take time to repair, commitment on your part, and it is a life-change; not a for-the-moment change. 
It will not always be convenient, there may be some unpleasant side effects such as detox symptoms, crankiness as chemicals that have been distorting your body leave, headaches when you let go of ingredient's you have been using as crutches to "push" and "get through" your days, months, years. 
Yeah it's gonna be a pain in the hiney, but there is good news.  
You can absolutely do this, there is plenty of support and information at the ready here, and the nice part is that we are doing the slow but steady wins the race approach. So let's put a smile on our faces, be grateful in our heart for this moment, appreciate/love ourselves for the decision to do this, and move forward in a positive light!
We are launching into all the things you will be eliminating from your diet right off the bat before you start. The pictures below are all the NO's that you MUST GET OUT, no exceptions, these must be removed before you begin. I have included dairy & soy on this list but there will be an exception for the first few days with regards to dairy, and some specialty soy that will be mentioned, in our first week; other than that all must be followed to the letter. It may seem harsh, too much of a demand, insane, ridiculous, hard, and out of line. Believe me, it is not; and remember this is the prep leading to 3 Days. 
You can do this prep for those 3 days. Feel free to do it for longer if you like, I will be doing a longer cleanse post in the future, and will link it here.
The main reason for getting these items out is because they are wreaking havoc with your metabolism, kidney and liver functions, endocrine system, stomach, digestion, colon, elimination process, stress levels, heart, arteries, teeth, mind, moods, skin, eyes, ears, nose, throat, lungs,and weight.
Serious claims? These food and products on the NO/OUT list are serious offenders/contributor's to your ill health. I have been on the long road to health recovery from illness and injuries, for much of my life and let me tell you, elimination, transitioning, detox, and wholefoods have had the greatest impact and I am not the only one.
We live in a world littered with toxic minefield's and many of us do not realize just how dangerous it becomes, especially when combined from so many sources. I will provide links below every picture so you can read more about it if you feel the choices are wrong, do not believe in the dangers, or simply want more information.  


*(BTW, this sugar out thing includes Agave Nectar, Yacon, Coconut caramel, & Corn Syrup, I am adding a link to a blog post under this paragraph, I did on why I do not use agave nectar anymore.It also has a great blueberry snack recipe you can enjoy making as a treat item.) I will allow for grade B Maple syrup, Mesquite Powder, Monk fruit, and Organic Raw Unpasteurized Local honey in VERY small amounts.  


*The exception for dairy will be lactose-free yogurt for the first days, a few small slices of Cheddar cheese(this is to ease you off of dairy) as it contains very low lactose, and some bio-k which will transition to dairy-free. Allergy sufferers of dairy can steer clear from day one, alternatives will be recommended with the information I will provide in upcoming posts, along with a simple meal plan & grocery list.


I know you are so not liking me right now, I am okay with it. I send you back love, keep reading and NO, you may not cheat and there are other caffeine items that were not forgotten. Silly bunny, I know all the tricks.


*Soy is going to be out unless it is gluten-free, organic tamari, miso, natto, or tempeh, which are all fermented. Even these will be eaten in VERY small amounts.



*This one is for men & women, no one is safe from the toxic load in our everyday household products, body/beauty care, baby oil/talc, and perfumes. Yes, perfumes, scented lotions, creams, and colognes are all out unless they are 100% organic, natural, contain ingredient's you can pronounce & know what they are. Chemical-free 30 day detox zone!


               Change your soap bars too! You think that lot is natural? NOPE!

*These are some of the worst offenders as far as I am concerned, along with long lasting scent booster beads that cling to you all day, during the night, on your clothes, bedding, coats, socks, etc. Get them out and switch to all natural products. I will provide some pics & links down below. Believe me, it is not "natural" for clothing and towels/bedding to smell like perfume for weeks on end. That's not cleanliness you are smelling, it's carcinogens!


             NO TOUCHIE!
I know, the jewelry was a shock to me as well, as a girlie girl I like my dangly fun inexpensive bobbins and bits but they had to go, so I wouldn't go the way of the dino! The media has been covering this toxic story for the last while here in Canada and what the labs came back with was terrifying; especially since so much of this stuff is marketed towards kids and teens.



Okay, okay, take a deep breath, do not freak out. This was information you needed and now you know, so you can be more aware and make good choices. This was not to upset you, it was to arm you with knowledge that will allow you to remove what does not serve or help you. I am assisting you to reach your goals for better quality of life and to help our planet.  
It is a process, a journey, a gradual change. 
Remember, you can do this, you are not doing it alone and I am not asking anything of you that I have not done. Knowledge is power and you have a right to know what is going on out there in the world and it's direct impact on your health, your family's health, and our planet.

The next section is just a gentle suggestion.
I personally make an effort to wear more natural, cotton or hemp based clothes when I am detoxing. This is because I know that my skin is hyper sensitive & synthetic fabrics doused in carcinogenic fire retardant chemicals freak my skin out; especially when I am cleansing. I am already using an all natural chemical-free detergent, so minimizing my wardrobe and sticking to all natural fibers makes sense. Do what you can, no judgement here, just good informative options which people do not usually consider when detoxing.
 Cotton fibers are great and very soft, plus we usually have jeans and t-shirts's already.
Hemp is amazing and sustainable, there are loads of new fashionable items on the market today so you do not have to worry about it being overly hippie-esque. (Although I do not mind that.)

             Natural alternatives for beauty, skin, house and laundry care:

Steer clear of anti-perspirant, these all contain toxic aluminum and go against the body's natural process for cooling you down. You sweat to keep from passing out, or from getting over-heated, and to clear toxins. Be proud and own your sweat, you earned it! Just bathe every day and keep fresh for you and other's, and switch to using an all-natural deodorant. Btw those pricey, pseudo-natural/hypo-allergenic deodorants are not gonna cut it. My son has recently gone through a small fortune because he has been severely reacting to chemical laced laundry soaps, personal hygiene products, and deodorants. His stubborn refusal to listen has caused severe swelling, painful rashes, weepy skin, and major discomfort. He is now taking my advice and changing to natural options but he has already paid the price on several fronts from not heeding my warnings. Aaaah, boys...        
Let's go to some fun stuff now! 
Right now, these are my two favourite companies: Nova Scotia Fisherman & Green Beaver (I adore green beaver mint toothpaste and Nova Scotia Fisherman Fennel & Bayberry smells like yumminess wrapped in get over here!)


                  These are my haircare products, they smell sooooooooooo good!
While you are at it, you might want to switch your furry friend's over to natural too, we know these kinds of products help out our little Rockstar and he is huggable soft after a wash.

These are my usual laundry soaps, I really like Bio-vert in Classic Cotton or unscented, cannot do floral as it freaks out my nose. (Do not ask Poppa Bear about how I sneeze, I say it is a terrifying monster of doom! He says it's freaking adorable-maybe scary for a mouse? Teehee.) 
I highly recommend, that before you start your 30 Day Challenge, clean house with all natural cleaner's and most importantly wash all your bedding, pillows, clothing, and pj's with natural detergents. This will help out a lot, as when we detox we are prone to some symptoms which are often skin sensitivity related. Read more below as I also offer a great way to combat these!
I am a Dr. Bronner's & Seventh Generation fan for cleaning products:
Rose and peppermint for Bronner's, my floors smell so good when I wash them with the peppermint soap. My hot yoga studio provides the peppermint soap for shower's and it's awesome after a sweaty twisty pretzel workout!

I think that is a great amount of information for Prep. The last things to discuss are detox symptoms and what to expect, as well as steps you can take to combat them. Might I suggest you enjoy today and have fun eating the last of what you will miss, personally, I will be indulging in a small poutine and a bit of salted chocolate. Just keep it small and satisfying minus any guilt, I say relish the moment!

Detoxing usually happens pretty quickly and as we move along over our cleansing days,you will come to find that there are levels of detoxing which are based on what you eliminate, what you are eating, and how you are supporting your body during this detox/self-love process. And it really is about loving yourself so you can feel and look your best, but as per usual, things usually go pear shaped before they get better. 

Detoxing Must's:

1) I cannot stress enough the importance of getting out all the NO's listed above and really sticking to them. Do not worry, you will have a simplified meal plan with recipes and links to other recipes, as well as info graphics, and grocery lists. I will post these every Friday as you will need them to be able to be prepared. For the juice fast I will most likely post that on the Thursday, as I prefer to do my liquid fasts over the weekend and getting through the 1st day on a Friday is usually easiest.

2) Detox symptoms will happen, do not be afraid of them, anticipate and respond accordingly. Let your loved one's know that demanding and travelling events/activities are not a good idea, you may be cranky, sluggish, headachy, impatient, itchy, hot/cold, severely craving, running to the bathroom, a bit more smelly and stronger breathe(as meat toxins leave this can happen), hyper then needing a nap, super thirsty, sensitive, fidgety, prone to outbursts, or just needing a bit more TLC. These are extreme's and people rarely experience so much; often it's mild and requires deep breathes, warm chamomile tea, a rest, and a massage would not go amiss. ;D

3) DRINK WATER! A lot of it, it can be hot, as part of a fat flush water (recipes are in previous posts for this series), an herb tea, with slices of ginger and lemon all nice and cozy warm, or as heated almond milk with a touch of organic raw unpasteurized local honey and cinnamon. Liquid is important as it moves toxins out of your system and helps keep your skin clear and lessens reactions.

4) Juicing is of major importance, not only will it add nutrient dense foods that are easily digested to your diet, but they will give you energy, fascilitate healing, and will elevate your mood.Plus they taste delicious! I am including a morning Citrus Ninja Juice that you can try out on day one and there are plenty of juice recipe posts you can find on this blog, use the search bar on the right and you will be very happy.

5) Rest! Yeah, you, the one who never slows down. (I am guilty of this too.) 
Do not fight the need to sleep, even if it comes on at weird times; just go with it. You don't owe explanations, you owe your body the extra love and kindness. Go for it and make it extra comfy cozy.(Are you getting the impression that coziness is a good thing yet?) Get to bed early too and stick to a sleep routine, you will thank me in the morning.

6) Exercise! Yes, you need to do this part too. Walking is a great way to begin and you can workout at your own pace. There will be a lovely post this Sunday as Day 3 rolls in, to get us all ready for the week. No worries, it will be simplified exercises as I have injuries and am starting at the beginning once again too. It does not matter where you are at, it matters that you move and get outside. It helps clear toxins, improve mood, aids digestion, and gives you something to look forward to. Do it alone or do it with a partner, just go and do it!

7) Remember to make room for God & Love on this journey. Get loads of hugs from those that care the most about you and let them know you feel the same. A 60 second hug releases enough Oxytocin (the feel good drug) to keep you happy for several hours and it helps calm the nervous system. 
Keep writing in your gratitude journal, do Bible reading's, say your prayer's, and remember to do positive self-talk. No negative Nancy's or Mean Mike self-talk, you cannot feel good if you are constantly putting yourself down. Remind yourself every morning that you are beautiful inside and out, you are blessed, and you are loved by Jesus & God. Make room for all the good that is happening and deal with the downs by responding instead of reacting. Life comes in waves. Live. Breath. Enjoy. Love.

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