Remembering God and Jesus, in Every moment

I woke early today, seeking God.
I have been engaging in dialogue with Him through prayer and readings, but life has been so busy these last few months, weeks and days, that I feel less connected.
I woke and wanted, needed, and had a strong, heartfelt desire to hear my father's word. 
I would normally listen to a sermon and then go through a reading but today I was led to the daily devotional that I have linked down below. 
It brought such a feeling of peace, love, and joy. I felt God reaching out for me, acknowledging what I have been feeling in my heart, letting me know that I am loved and missed just as acutely as I have been loving and missing Him.
That I was reminded of the fact that Jesus came, not to judge the world but to save it, melted my heart and bolstered my soul.
You see, there is guilt I hold in the private spaces of my heart.
Personal pain at my short comings, my being distracted, discouraged, letting things slip as the moments on this earthly plane wear and tear. 
God is so good, he knows the secrets of the heart and the sins that stain but it does not deter Him from seeking us out; and reminding us to whom we belong.
What a brother and friend we have in Jesus, I cannot live my days without the love of our heavenly Father.
I need Him, I love Him, and I trust in Him that everything will be alright. 
In these quiet hours, I pray that God reaches you, that you feel his wonders moving through our lives, and that we all hold fast to faith; recalling his unfailing love and mercy towards us.
In Jesus name, Selah.

Be well, Abba bless you, love freely.
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