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Bien Confit-Where We'll Be This Week Dec 1st & 3rd

Good Day Lovelies!

These two fliers are where Bien Confit! Sans Gluten Free will be this week.
You can find us at Dawson College in Montreal on the 1st of December, this 2016.

And on the 3rd of December, we will once again be in town, close to the downtown core, in Westmount at the annual Sacred Heart Holiday Fair.
There will be many awesome vendors so do come check out all of our goodies and wonderful gifts that will be perfect for giving, this holiday season.
As always, from Bien Confit! there will be testers for tasting and you can stop by to ask any questions you may have about gluten-free options.

There will be loads of products like these:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Pucker Punch Lime Curd (also for Lime Poppy Seed Thumbprint Cookies)


Bonjour my loverlies!
It is a limey green morning in the Bien Confit! gluten free kitchen.
You have had lemon curd in lemon pie but you have not lived until you have tasted lime curd. You are going to need this to make the recipe that is coming up in the next few days. Make it this weekend and come next week, you will be able to use it for the cookie recipe which will not disappoint. You can also use it in pie of course and feel free to use it on anything else you like.

-3 eggs
-1 tsp real vanilla
-2 lemons zested
-3/4 C lemon juice no pits!
-1/2 C sugar (fine)
-4 small drops organic natural green colour (I buy from, link below)
-1/2 C demi-sel (half salted) butter, cut in cubes and kept chilled in the fridge. Never ever room temperature or melted!
-Fill a small pot 1/4 of the bottom with water and heat on medium heat, don't boil! Just under a simmer, no bubbles break the surface.
-In a medium sized bowl whisk together, eggs, sugar, and vanilla, until well mixed.
-Continue to whisk & slowly add the lemon juice, so as not to burn the eggs with the acid. (Yes, the acid can "cook" the eggs)
-Whisk in zest and then place your bowl on the pot filled 1/4 of the way with water that you heated. Make sure the water does not touch the bottom of your bowl, if it does empty some as you have too much. This is your double boiler to cook your mixture more slowly without direct heat that often results in scrambled limey eggs instead of lime curd.
-Now constantly whisk your mixture, you want to cook and thicken your curd. Be aware that this process takes time and you can NOT stop the whisking. That means no walking away, no phone calls, zero distractions! Become one with the curd...(giggles are acceptable)
-As it cooks and you constantly whisk, switching hands as you need to rest one or the other, you will notice the colour and texture will change. It needs to feel thicker when you whisk and must coat the back of a spoon. Chef's call this, Napper la cuillére. 
-When it coats a spoon and you can draw a line through it with your finger that holds, immediately remove it from the heat.
-Now for more whisking, this is the exciting part! All the time whisking, add 1-2 cubes of the CHILLED butter. Whisk each one in thoroughly before adding the next one. This is an emulsion, you must be sure the butter is well incorporated each time before continuing or else your curd will break and become all streaky, fat separated, & it will be time to try try again. ((Hugs if this happens.))
-Keep going until all the butter is incorporated, I sometimes need to place the bowl back on the double boiler for 15-25 seconds to warm it again if the butter drops the temperature of the curd too quickly. Just be careful when doing this.
-Add your food colouring to brighten up the green a bit by whisking it a few seconds.
-I keep all acidic foods in glass mason jars to make sure that there is no leaching of plastic into this food.
-At this point you may keep your curd in a jar in the fridge and feel free to eat it with fresh blueberries, or on scones or toast, or use in a few days to fill a cake. Or snack it straight out of the jar, Mine never lasts more than 3-5 days because it always gets eaten. 

I will be linking the recipe for the cookies very soon and you are going to adore them!







This was the leftover yumminess I got to eat and of course I shared because it tastes better that way.
Leave your comments down below, don't forget to subscribe & let me know how this turns out for you.  
Take care, be well, and love freely.

Bien Confit! Sans Gluten Free November 25th-27th 2016 locations!

Hey Peepes!
This is a quick, short & sweet post on locations to come buy products this weekend, starting Friday Afternoon. Come check us out.
This is our Friday & Saturday Location:

And on Sunday November 27th we will be out in Hemmingford at the:
The 27th Annual - "German Canadian Christmas Market" will be held Saturday, November 26 and Sunday, November 27, 10:00 - 4:00, at Hemmingford Elementary School, 548 Champlain Avenue (Route 202), Hemmingford, Quebec.

Available for sale will be imported chocolate and cookies from Germany, local crafts, paintings, cards, jewelry, maple syrup products, Christmas items, and much more. A German-style meal will be served (sausages, sauerkraut, potato salad, rolls, desserts & coffee).

Admission is free. For more information, call Julie Hebert, 450-247-3788, 450-247-2022, or email

Le 27e "Marché de Noël canado-allemand" aura lieu le samedi 26 novembre, et le dimanche 27 novembre, de 10h00 à 16h00, à l'école primaire de Hemmingford, au 548 avenue Champlain (route 202), à Hemmingford, Québec.

On y retrouvera du chocolat et des biscuits importés d'Allemagne, de l'artisanat, de l'art, des cartes, des bijoux, des produits du sirop d'érable et plus encore. L'entrée est gratuite, et des repas sont disponibles sur place.

Pour informations 450-247-3788, 450-247-2022, Julie Hebert,

Looking forward to seeing you all!

Where We Are Going to be Next!

Hello One & All!
Bonjour tous le monde!

As you can see, fliers are going up and Bien Confit! Sans Gluten Free is going to be at Otterburn Park Mountainview School for the Christmas Bazaar.
We recently participated at the New Hope Church Bazaar last Friday & the Wonderfully Made Holiday Fair in Dorval. We had a great time, met wonderful people, sold yummies and got to connect with awesome vendors. I am really looking forward to seeing you out at Otterburn Park this coming Saturday. I have been so hard at work, baking, crocheting, getting my artys fartsy craft on, to bring you some seriously delicious and perfect holiday, made with love, gifts to give to your loved one's. Although, we did have quite a few people stopping by the booth to buy for others and then coming back to buy again for themselves. The Vegan Cranberry Oat Pillows were a big hit and so were the hot cocoa sets and meltaway cookies along with the biscotti. People loved the tasters and were very happy to be adventurous and try some of the unique, bespoke jams, compotes, and jellies, before buying for themselves...uh, I mean for others. Yeah, for others...ahem.
This Saturday promises to have more yummy treats to taste and discover, along with gift baskets and sets from the lovely Lady T, who will be sharing tables and showcasing her beautiful gift sets and gift baskets for young, in between ages, and old alike. Do stop by, have a delectable taste, and get a leg up on your holiday shopping!
Here are some previews of what you will see and be able to purchase. can't wait to see you all there!


 I have been crocheting away to bring some beauty's to keep you gorgeously cozy and warm.

             I will even have some tasty gluten-free treats for the loveable pooch in your life!


Keep checking in for more locations where we will be that you can purchase products and some fun blog posts are coming for the holidays as well. Thanks for stopping by.



Yes, we are getting our raw vegan on today darlings!
The next recipe is a repost from my old blog and the 30 day healthy self-love challenge recipe I did not too long ago, if you like the nutty taste of sesame, this one is for you!



1 Cup ground almond meal
1 Cup almond pulp from making almond milk (See recipe above, omit vanilla)
1/2 Cup sesame seeds
1/4 Cup ground golden flax seeds
1 tsp pink sea salt
1/4 Cup nutritional yeast
3 Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/4 tsp Walnut oil, organic, cold pressed
3/4-1 Cup Filtered water

-Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until forms a paste
-Line your dehydrator trays with Excalibur sheets or parchment paper
-Push cracker paste across the paper lined tray, cover with another piece of parchment paper. 
-Using a rolling pin, roll out to 1/2 inch thickness. 
-Gently remove the top parchment paper sheet. 
-Place tray in dehydrator on rawfood setting, dehydrate for 1 1/2 hours, then using a pizza cutter or a knife, cut crackers into desired shape. You can make flat bread style, square or triangular crackers. 
-Put back in the dehydrator for another 8-12 hours until they reach desired level of crispness. If you're making a bread style then it needs to be pliable, so dehydrate for less time.

Bien Confit! sans gluten free Etsy Shop is Officially Open!!!!!

Bonjour my lovelies.

BCGF has finally opened on Etsy and I am so thrilled to announce it here.
Enfin! Nous sommes ouvert sur Etsy.

There are listings with descriptions for some really delectable products and there will be loads more coming up for the Holiday season. There is also going to be a giveaway in celebration of the launch and for all you wonderful individuals who have been so supportive. So, you will need to keep coming back and checking in for that. In the meantime, click the link below, discover, spread the word, and get a leg up on your holiday shopping.
For now, I am shipping across Canada, with every intention of opening up to the U.S and International market in the near future.
A list of all the local markets and Bazaars that we will be in attendance at, will be posted early next week.  

Polish Paprika Chicken

I am digging into my Polish roots for this fall memory lane of a recipe.
Yes, I have some Polish in me via my Grand-papa on the father's side. I get the Greek from that side of the family too, as well as a sprinkling of British. On my mother's side there is French from the first Acadian settler's, Mic Mac and Mohawk native (typical Québecois), with some Irish which was originally Scottish, to stew it all together. If I was in a kennel, I would definitely be a happy mixed mutt.
My son has all of this, plus his father is Jamaican. 
Oh yeah, we got a party going on over here.
Meals are always interesting, adventurous, and very flavourful. I have been organizing, as you know if you have been following, and came across this old throwback of a cookbook that reminded me of great kitchen moments, brought to us by my mother, and these awesome recipes she made from this book. 
It's called World of Good Eating and the recipes had to be good because they were from around the world and tested by a New England house wife, no less. Cannot go wrong there my friends, even if it is a 19-take-it-easy cookbook. 
It's quaint and sparks up nostalgia whenever I see it's tattered cover and falling out pages which are being held together by a rubber band and a prayer.

I chose to go back to Poland and have a go at a slightly modified, gluten-free version of Paprika Chicken. I also tested a new lactose-free sour cream that has come out on the market and only recently became available at our grocer's. I was very happy with the results. This is definitely a more rich and hearty meal, I am not used to eating this way but when the weather turns cooler, I like to return to things like this once in a while. This is comfort food and a nice nod to these brilliant fall days, I think you will enjoy it, it also freezes beautifully and feeds a family of four no problem.
Let's kick it old school Polack style! 



1 3Lb fryer chicken cut up and patted dry. (I used an 8 pack of thighs with skin on, next time I will remove the skin though because it's not needed. In all honesty, I was too tired to remove it.)
1 Cup Chopped onion
1 Stalk celery, peeled and chopped very small 
2 Tbsp Olive oil
1 Tbsp Butter
1 Tbsp Paprika (not spicy)
3 Cloves garlic crushed
1/2 Can of diced tomatoes, drained of juice, reserve the juice)
2 Stock cubes (I used an herb one)
1 1/2 Cups water
1 Cup of reserved tomato juice from drained can of tomatoes
1 Tbsp black pepper fresh ground
1 Tsp Kosher salt
1 tsp Fresh Thyme
2 Bay leaves
4 Potatoes cleaned and cut into large dice kept in water to avoid browning from oxidization, I like yellow fleshed potatoes.
3 Tbsp Potato starch mixed with enough water to form a paste, about 1 1/2 Tbsp water
1 Cup Lactose free sour cream, low fat. (Can omit if needed)

Preheat oven to 375 degrees F 
-In a Dutch oven, (we have a Le Creuset and it's the best for this kind of recipe) heat the oil to medium high and cook the dried off chicken on each side until browned, about 6-8 minutes each side. Remove with a slotted spoon and reserve on a plate.
-To fat in pan add butter and heat on medium heat until melted, add onions and cook until becoming lightly golden, pick up any browned chicken bits on the Dutch oven bottom, for that yummy flavour and keep stirring.
-Add celery, cook 1 minute. 
-Add paprika and cook 1 minute, add drained potatoes. 
-Add garlic, stir and cook 1 minute. 
-Add tomatoes, cook 1 minute always stirring.
-Add tomato juice, stock cubes, water, thyme, pepper, bay leaf, and salt, stir.
-Carefully place chicken in and any juices that have pooled in the plate into the dutch oven.
-Cover and bake for 30 minutes.
-Remove from oven, stir, and keep lid off for remaining cook time. Place back in oven for 1 hour.
-Remove from oven, immediately stir in the potato starch slurry mix and stir, stir, stir. It will thicken as the heat works it's magic.
-In a bowl, place your sour cream, take some of the thickened cooking liquid and temper it by adding the hot liquid to it, one spoon at a time and constantly whisking it until well mixed. This is to avoid the sour cream from splitting and becoming an ugly curdled mess, which will happen if added to the too hot liquid without the tempering process to bring the sour cream temperature up higher.
-Add the tempered sour cream to the Dutch oven chicken, stir.
-The chicken should be falling off the bone tender, I like to remove it from the bones, chuck the bones and serve this scrumptiousness with fresh greens or string beans. Some people serve this over rice but because I have already added potatoes, I don't feel it needs the addition of more carbs. This is up to you.
Serve this with crusty bread if you like, I ate it with plain, no buttered string beans. I felt the sour cream added enough richness and the whole thing is a nice hearty thick stew consistency, so you don't need more richness with your veg.
I really hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I did, we had so many leftovers. I froze half of it and ate it two weeks later. What a warm hug in a bowl...sigh.

Ignore the leeks and green onions, somehow they photobombed this pic, and I have given them a very bad spanking indeed.

Chicken is super tender and literally falls off the bone.The above pic is before the addition of sour cream, you can totally skip this if you cannot handle dairy at all. Below is with the sour cream.

I can't wait to hear about your kitchen adventure's, let me know if you have any questions down below. I love to hear from you, happy Cheffin'!
Don't forget to keep checking back for more scrumptious fall delights and subscribe!