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Thanks for stopping by. 
I am not great at About me pages, so I am giving you an easy 10 things list that will tell you more about moi, (I am French btw, so I sometimes throw in a little bit when I write), and a short blurb.

Important things to know about me:

1-I love to laugh, have a silly giggle, and have been known to unleash a loud guffaw in my time. Ridiculousness & toilet humor are acceptable, within reason. 
Meanness is not. 
Also, there are also loads of sarcastic comments, dry wit, and caustic remarks lurking in my arsenal. 
Good times!

2-Bubbles, pandas, puppies, unicorns, anime, X-men comic books, geekdom, cookies, action flicks, documentaries, comedy specials, walking in nature, country air, good food, family, friends, service, God & Jesus, kindness & consideration, all bring smiles to my heart and joy to my soul.

3-I am an avid reader, homesteader, gardener & recycler. Do not mess with any of these things, I will get my children to roar and spit dragon fire-I may go by the name Khaleesi in another dimension, but shhhh. (That's a secret.)

4-I cannot get enough of the culinary arts, mingle it with high quality, non-gmo, organic, healthy ingredients and I am riding a unicorn down the rainbow highway. 
(I warned you about unicorns in #2, you silly bunny.)

5-I cannot be anybody else, other than the person God made me to be. 
Haters are of zero interest and are not welcome. If you don't like, then no touchie & move along.

6-I'm still figuring things out but prayer and asking God for guidance really helps me.

7-I have a plan, it involves the country, my Poppa Bear, chickens, gardens, preserves, Church, travel, and finally sitting back to talk about my next published book.

8-I am a horrible procrastinator and easily distracted, my first book will be finished this century! Just not today, maybe not tomorrow either. Oh look, ice-cream...

9-I love fall! Bring on the crisp, cool, fresh air that tickles the tip of your nose with a friendly nip. Hot beverages and comfy clothes are a bonus along with fireplaces.

10-I want to go to Japan, it's on the bucket list. Mochi and sakura trees here I come!

So now that you know all that, here's a bit to explain about how I got here...

This blog is a key ingredient, (pardon the pun- or don't) to keeping my creative juices flowing in the kitchen and when writing. 
Also, it is to assist in remaining sane in places of distress. 
Most importantly, it is a positive, serene oasis, where I can share and garner knowledge; as well as explore, learn, and just be. 
I am a Chef in transition, meaning, there are many ups as I am moving past the downs; while adjusting to the myriad of moments life throws at all of us.
Injury & severe allergies have forced me out of professional kitchens but I continue to have a love affair with food and health; this passion drives me. 
When I started my first blog, called: The Kinky Coconut, it was because over several months from 2011-2012 I had been posting pics on social media sites & had started to see an interest in healthy recipes I had created. People were leaving positive comments along with requests for recipes, or information about how to use healthy ingredients. 
This surprised me and pushed me out of my comfort zone to explore the world of blogging. I know I was way behind on this trend but was okay with it. 
To every season, and all that jazz-or is it biblical hymn? Meh.
To be honest, I had been floating in that sea of uncertainty that will come up when staring down the reality of recovery from severe injuries, a rather overwhelming and depressing host of allergies & intolerances, along with Doc's orders to change career path for all time. 
What kept me sane?
Faith in God, the love of Jesus, along with the support and encouragement of those near and dear to me. Writing blog posts was a huge help too.

Today, 4 years later, there is this new blog. Bien Confit! Gluten-free. 
It is part of my new business, (of the same name) which I kind of fell into. 
Spring came and so did foraging for some fun homesteading ingredients. I found recipes in preserving books, I tried some and created my own, and had so much fun as I got on a huge preparedness/homesteading/food storage & canning binge in early 2016. I played with ingredients & flavours that woke the senses, delighted the palate, and were unique from anything you could find on grocery or specialty store shelves. People started asking, tasting, and falling in love with the products; there were a lot of questions about when and where I would be selling. Thus, the concept for a Bien Confit! GF Etsy store, and a new Blog with a streamlined look was born. 
I am now enjoying the "fruits" of my labours and looking forward to sharing this delightful culinary adventure with people like you. It's still in it's infancy but somehow, everything is slowly falling into place at the right pace. (Check out the Shop section of this blog if you want to know more, which will be ready soon.)

God has brought me exactly what I need to change, focus, and commit to what I have been so wonderful at procrastinating over. 
Good thing I am focused...
Is that a unicorn bubble wand? I gotta go, there be heart shaped bubbles and rainbow unicorn farts around here, I know it!

                                       See? I told yah so.

Take care, be well, love freely.
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