Fruit of the Spirit & Something to Hold on to


Good Blessed Morning one & all!

Fall theme time, I have put up a tree which has everything to do with this time of the year and holds some wonderful words that can be such a comfort, if we let it.
   I have been speaking to different people in my life and the theme we seem to agree with, is how much stress, frustration, anger, and past our limits, we all are feeling.
Life is rough for so many, there's so much hurt, fear, uncertainty.
Our economy is shaky, jobs are scarce, families are falling apart, divorce is rampant, children are rebelling or so different from our childhood's that we have difficulty keeping up and keeping them safe. We're not always certain how we will pay the bills, afford rent and food, how we'll get through, friends and family are passing away, being diagnosed with serious illnesses, our parents are not getting younger, disappointments are present more often than successes, and age is creeping up on us all.
In these times it can seem so much easier to throw up our hands and scream a collective WTF to life, rage at God, lash out at loved one's, and just give up. It feels so all alone doesn't it?
It's so heavy, too heavy, and terribly painful.
I struggle too, some days sermons, readings, and prayers are such a comfort. Then there are others where it feels like another burden to add to my to do list, I feel like a bad person for thinking that way, then I add more guilt to my overloaded plate because I start believing I am a bad person and unworthy of anything; and that's where I forget what the truth of the Holy Spirit is.
A refuge.
Sounds crazy? No, actually, it's not.

If we take a moment to see what the fruit of the spirit is, we can find those elusive moments where we did not have all this constant tension, anxiety, stress.

But the fruit of the Spirit is:
gentleness and self-control. 
Against such things there is no law.

Who would not want to know such a being? 
All the things we constantly seek, all that life tries to tear from us, all the joy and peace that ebbs away until we are drained of colour and love; it rings hollow for a reason. I weep for such sorrow, I know the vacant look in eyes that have seen too much, hearts that have broken, soul's which have been scarred. 
Let this light, this promise be your rock in the storm. The branch you cling to in a wilderness of destructive forces. You and I are so much more than these experiences, we are created in His image, we have gifts and a life force that are bestowed out of love and the most tender kindness, we are precious and God is faithful. He longs to fill us with His peace, to hear the tinkling of laughter, to have our hearts swell with the goodness of our being, we are meant to be here, no one can take this God given blessing from us. 
The outside matters not, you will find peace once you let God in and embrace the love He gives so freely. 
Many years ago I was very unwell and almost did not survive. 
I was in hospital and was told by doctor's that my body was trying to keep me alive but without medical intervention, I would quickly continue to weaken until life could no longer be sustained. 
Surgery and 2 pints of blood saved my life,(To the wonderful person who donated, I am here today in part, thanks to you)but when I was fading away I distinctly remember two things.
One, was that all the trappings, concerns, troubles, and foolishness of the world, were truly not of any import. 
It ceased to be of concern, it was not part of my thoughts, nor was it of any interest what-so-ever.
Secondly, was the wonderful calm and absolute peace that washed over me. 
The constant knot of tension where my diaphragm is had gone and I felt light, warm, full of radiating love and a kind of peace that was not of this world. I know that was God. 
His love and absolute righteous kindness enveloping me, caring for me, and sustaining my true being. 
I understood what His love was and how pale a comparison the love we experience in our physical forms is.
I give thanks and praises for that gift, it sustains me in my darkest hours. This may not move you, it may seem too much to wrap your mind around, or you may find it to be foolishness. I am not here to reach you, I am here to touch the one who needs to hear and see these words right now. I want that special person, who is experiencing pain, is in dire need of gentle loving support, I want you to know that you are not alone and God wanted you here, reading this, at this very moment. This is your huge hug, the sustenance for your soul. We are the light in this world, you must burn like the steady flame that you are.
I will never let go of Jesus, I will hold on to God's hand, and I will recall the truth of the Fruit of the Spirit. 
I pray that you find peace, strength, truth, as to how deeply we are all loved. 
We are His children, what would you not do for your children? May your heart find the light of this world, the elect of God, and the ensuing peace that is promised and freely given; if only we would reach out and accept the love we are worth.
Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lord God all Mighty. Who was, and is, and is yet to come.
In the name of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ I give thanks and praises, and pray Love over each and every one of you. Selah.
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  2. Merci beaucoup mon cher cœur. I really needed this, perfect timing.🙌