The Best Rawfood Vegan Apple Pie Crackers Day

Oh my gaaaah! These are amaze bombs, like addictively good!
I cannot get enough of these and my family keeps sneaking or asking for more. Crackers that are slightly sweet, with a delectable crunch, chock full of yum scrum ingredients, and taste apple pie-esque. You had me at raw vegan baby, heheh.  
I highly recommend making a triple or even quadruple batch because they are the first to go at our house & it may well be the same in yours. Feel free to switch up the apples for strawberries, carrots or zukes.


(I prefer organic ingredients for rawfood dehydrated items but do the best you can, no judgement.)
1 1/2 Grated Large apple with no peel (I used Spartan apples, try to get organic, keep the peel if you like that sort of thing)
1 Cup Almond pulp from making raw almond milk (recipe link follows)
1/4 Cup Hemp seeds
3 Tbsp Ground golden flax
3 Tbsp Ground tiger nuts
1 1/2 tsp Ground cinnamon
Pinch pink sea salt
1/2 tsp vanilla pods or 1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/4 Cup Maple syrup grade B
1 Cup Almond milk (recipe link follows)
1/4 tsp Walnut oil (DO NOT use more)

-Add all dry ingredients to wet and mix until well combined.
-On a teflex or parchment lined Excalibur dehydrator tray, spread dough out to about 1 inch thickness, square off edges.
Place in dehydrator on rawfood 105 degree setting, for 2 1/2 hours, remove and score with a knife into square crackers. (See the pics down below) Put back in the dehydrator for 6 hours.
-Check to see if the crackers are getting to a medium dry consistency, you need to make sure they are not too wet because they must be flipped onto a new Excalibur tray lined with the regular white tray sheet it comes with; you need the air to circulate over and around the crackers so they dry properly. 
-Place an Excalibur sheet lined tray (Do not use a teflex sheet, just the regular plastic white sheet the trays always come with) over the top of the crackers and quickly flip the tray over. You will be able to gently and slowly remove the teflex sheet or parchment paper. (Don't force it if they are not ready, place them back in if it is too hard to remove)
-The score marks will be evident, the crackers go back in the dehydrator for another 8-12 hours depending how crisp you like them. I left my crackers in for a total of 24 hours.
-Once dry, remove from the tray and gently break the crackers where the score marks are. Store in an airtight glass jar. These will keep for several weeks, if they don't all get eaten first! 
As always, pics follow below to help guide you along. Leave any questions or comments down below, I love to hear about your kitchen adventures.

 Crackers all done, I stored them in glass mason jars and have been watching them fade away as they get munched away.


                           Mix it up!
                          Dehydrator time!
                         Score those bad boys!
                        Break them up
                        Light & crispy
                       Nice because not too thick.
       Enjoy darlings, and come back for more! Have a lovely & blessed day.
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