Upcoming Christmas Joy Posts to Get Ready & Excited for the Holiday’s!

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(cute cake from one bite vegan blog)
Helloodles my lovelies,

It's Friday and I am hearing hard winter winds outside my window as I scroll cute holiday cakes on Pinterest, like the one above. Inspiration hit and I felt to get my holiday fun time into motion. 
That means for November into January, there's loads to post, discover, and eat of course! 
Before I get to that though, I want to announce that Bien Confit!  Sans Gluten Free, is doing a market where there will be loads of scrumptiousness to check out, tasters galore, and lovely gifts at the ready for all of one's holiday needs.
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It's on December 1st, 2019, from 8pm-midnight. Yes, a night market in a warm, cozy, beautiful hotel, in Griffintown; that will have many local vendors showcasing their wares. I hope to see you there, it's free to enter and you will be able to see and taste my line of bespoke jams, jellies, vegan granolas, cookies, etc. I am so excited and looking forward to this event. There will be drinks and other fun stuff happening, so spread the word!
It's the most wonderful time of the year...ding, dong, ding, dong.
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Today is just a quick post to announce that BCGF is kicking off the holiday season, officially, with some glorious recipes-gluten-free as always, with many vegan morsels, and loads to get your guests excited about, & tasty treats for celebrations.
Holiday Joy blog posting inspiration has hit and I want to share, so you can share with those closest to your hearts, and maybe even do a kindness for those you may never meet.
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I am a rather visual person, so instead of blathering on, I prefer to show you.
Little blurbs follow the pics to give you some ideas, and as recipes go up, I will come back here and link em.  
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               For now, enjoy, & Happy Holidays!

Easy, No-Bake, Delectable, Vegan & Gluten-free Medjool Date Squares
Herbed & Garlicky, Sage, Compound Butter-with Vegan option. Perfect for pre-roast turkey or tofurkey slather!
Pillowy Vegan & Gluten-free Apple Fritters with Maple Glaze Dip
A Very British Blackcurrant, Maple & Custard Crumble Pie. Refined sugar-free, this will be a new holiday classic for all at your dessert table. (They will never know it is gluten-free either.)
Piquant Cherry Ketchup for the Kings in Da House!!!!!
Pomegranite, Grapefruit, & Green bean Holiday Salad
Berry & Maple Raw Vegan Dehydrator Cereal. Now you can include those more complicated eaters at brunch and watch them smile. I recommend this with fruit.

Vegetable Slather Dip. Raw vegan and versatile. We use this on pasta-hot & cold, for dip, and on rice with veggie meatballs. Fast, really tasty, and liked by meat-mouths & non meat-mouths alike!
Graham Honey, Dehydrator Cereal. Not vegan but uses a locally sourced, healing, basswood honey, that supports responsible bee-keeping. Such a good, rich, crunchy, nutty with a touch of sweet, breakfast delight!
Old-school, Honey & Oat Jam-filled Muffins. Perfect for Christmas Holiday brunch or mornings on the run.
Salted Kale & Apple Salad with Maple Vinaigrette. Crowd pleaser every time, even those picky eaters go to town and come back for more! Get your greens & give em to those who need em most!
Holiday Spiced Thyme Scented Mixed Nuts. All I have to say is, Oh! My gaaaaaaaah!!!!! So so good!
Dill & Trout Chowder without Dairy. Just a bowl of love & comfort; feel the hug.
Korean Dukbokki spicy rice cakes with cheese (or without, vegan option included). This spicy kick will be a new comfort food favourite in your winter roster of noms.

Black Bottom Maple Pecan Pie Perfection. Classic pecan pie kissed with maple; a match made in heaven and sure to be gobbled up at your next holiday gathering. Also, it is my personal favourite!

So keep coming back and checking in, I am making it happen and look forward to sharing all this happy, holiday cheer-Lord knows our world needs it more than ever.
Take care, be well, and God bless!

Chef Kiki
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