Hello October! I am Back!


Bonjour Lovelies!
Welcome, welcome!
Yes, I am finally back and doing so much better health-wise, that blogging can once again be a part of my life. Thank you Jesus for answering my prayers for healing, strength, wellness, and stronger faith. Testify, testify, how my God is good!              
I won't be doing a blog post today on all that transpired with my health, as I want to do a mini-post series on the whole thing, how I am getting better, with answers to questions and links, for people that have been asking.
I will briefly say, that my 4 year struggle has finally been identified as highly dangerous and life threatening, exposure to black mold aka mycotoxin poisoning. Am finally on the road to recovery and knowing, in this case, was truly half the battle. Thanks G.I Joe!

Today is just a happy, re-launch, hello and mini what's to come, announcement post.
There's loads cuz it's October, duh!
With October comes turkey day, family time, warmer clothes, beauty all around, comfort food, and I believe, a perfect time for self-care. So, that's what you're all gonna get with some real fun giveaways thrown in because this is a celebration!

Okay, maybe not that last crochet set bahahaha!
Please do keep checking in, will also announce on Insta and Pinterest, so stay connected and click the links top right of the blog, so you can be in the know.
I am starting a new chapter in my life, along with reconnecting to my faith, healing beautifully,  getting super creative, diving into recipe development, and feeling very grateful.
So exciting! (She said in a British accent)
Fun fact, as I type this, my neighbours chickens are squawking and clucking up a storm. I love it!

 I am off to do a webinar but am looking forward to connecting with you, sharing what's to come, and creating great content for you.   
Come back soon, next post will be this Friday and there will be a new recipe asap, promise!

Take care, be well, live freely.
Chef Kiki
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