Fall bucket List

Bonjour mes loverlies!

Fall is truly here and I am chuffed, as the Brits like to say.
There's been so much happening in my life, that it has been very overwhelming and difficult to cope, at times.
I have been followed regularly by a specialist in microbiology, for the exposure to black mold. My last appointment went very well, physically I am recovering in leaps and bounds!
Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, though, it has all taken a terrible toll.
I was so busy going through the motions, trying to cope with all the drastic life events taking place,  that I was only focused on the physical aspect of wellnes while emotionally, I was feeling like I was drowning in a vat of peanut butter.
Speaking of peanut butter, you need this meme in your life:

So, the discussion at the doctor's office went on for a solid 40 minutes. He really wanted me to understand that I am obviously a resilient and strong individual, with a vibrant personality, (His words, not mine, as I feel nothing like that most days, yet.) that I have gone through more in 6 months than most people experience in years, and I have come out better for it.
He was wonderful. I felt so blessed by God for this man being placed on my path to wellness.
He reminded me that the amount of change on many levels has been extreme, I have gone through all the major life stressors within weeks and days of each other, I have been dangerously ill, and had to make tough choices, that he insisted I remember were very good choices, but all of this takes its' toll on even the most resilient person.
That what I experienced is deadly in some cases, and that recovery is something that needs to be given time, because it is about more than just one aspect.         
Apparently change is something the brain adapts well to, and though I may want to hit the ground running, the human body takes more time to adjust, as we are creatures of habit. The body does not like change and is more slow to come around. This means that the constant exhaustion, ups and downs emotionally, along with feeling overwhelmed, equates to my body screaming at me to give it a chance to truly heal, catch up, but mostly rest.
He insisted on part time work for now and most importantly, to have fun in my daily activities!       
He went over and over, the importance of cultivating joy in my life, taking this time just for me and focusing on bringing true joy, fulfillment, self-love & self-care to all that I do.
I am amazed by this God-send of a man, this is such a kind and caring gift, in a sea of doctors who have all too often been more concerned with pill pushing and quick, get out of my office, never really fix the root problem, kind of medical care I have received in the past.
Well, I have taken all this seriously and have been formulating a plan to get back my joy; along with gentle exercise, getting stronger in my prayer life, and having new positive experiences.

While I was researching self-care schtuff, I happened upon fall bucket lists on Pinterest.
Oh my gaaaaaaah!
Fall & Lists O' Fun?
Sign me up in my fuggs,(fake vegan uggs) tea, a book, and cozy sweater with leggings sir!

These were some that I found:           

I decided, hey, I can do that!           
Like too many women I know, I am a listy list gal; gentlemen, lists are how many of us women get it all done. How does she keep track of it all?
Lists, Lists, Lists!!!
Oh, look, my calendar is missing a list, must add one, immediately.
They are a multi-taskers wet dream, and there's this quality about them that makes them rather addicting. It's that feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment when crossing schtuff off.
Why yes, I am that awesome. Thank you.
I also found a self-care list that got me thinking, this is a good set of suggestions, and maybe I need to do one of my own. Mine will definitely include some Godly, Jesus uplifting words time, and some geeky fun as well!

So, this list had to be all about fun, I feel I pretty much got there.
I decided to make it an open-ended fall bucket list. This way I don't place pressure on myself to perform tasks, and I respect my body's need to take life at a slower pace. P.s. not everything on a fall bucket list needs to cost money. Try to eliminate making it about how much you spend, narrow it down to what brings you joy. My love of food does permeate this list but that's one of my unaapologetic passions.

Here's a bit of it:

-go for walks without having a destination in mind

-try cider donuts, gluten-free of course!

-get back to your driving course

-wear a fall lipstick colour

-crochet a scarf & wear it!

-crochet a fall colours blanket

-watch the Canada geese fly overhead in a V formation

-get a fall scented candle

-make soups & stews

-fall nail polish

-start blogging again, slowly...

-get a flannel shirt

-get a new haircut

-enjoy the leaves changing colours

-pray under the stars

-make pumpkin crepes

-get a new book

-add fall decos to the house

-give God thanks

-snuggle under cozy blankets and spend the day reading

-pray for others

-wear cozy pajamas

-go on a drive out to the country to enjoy the changes

-check into service for the holidays & after

-apple picking at an orchard

-drink 3 different fall beverages: chai, apple or pear cider, pumpkin spice based.

-put away summer clothes

-enjoy the smell of fall in the air

-feel the tip of your nose get chilly

-get pumpkin and apples for baking

-watch a fall fav anime movie

What's your fall bucket list look like? Let me know in the comments below, I love to hear from yah!

Take care, be well, love freely...

Chef Kiki




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