Favourite's Fall Giveaway!


Hello Intrepid Reader's!
It is the middle of October and I am super psyched to announce my first giveaway of 2018!
I wanted to do something that was simple, small, and that would be fun for me; so this is a mini Favourite's Fall Giveaway!
If you know anything about me, I love all things fall, tea, hot cocoa, and tasty!
So, I felt it was high time I shared some of all that with you.
Blogging is kind of a lonely world at times, you post all these things, tell personal stories, share recipes, experiences, hope people read them and likey, and then you forget about it and move onto the next tale.
It can seem a bit cold and egocentric, when that feeling creeps up, I prefer to turn that eew feeling into an ahhh moment, for others.
A great way to spread some warmth is by sharing the things that bring a smile to my face and have other's enjoy something new.
I have chosen hot beverages as a happy medium for spreading fall joy!

Before I begin, I am stating this for the record, NO, I have not received any money what so ever, zero endorsements, nor have I been approached, asked, offered anything, blah blah blah, for any of the products I am including in this giveaway.
This is all out of my own pocket, also, I have no issue with endorsements, but some people get a bit snarky about them when it comes to promoting something on a platform.
Anywhoodles, the truth is, I just like em' and want to give so another can appreciate.
I  worked as a manager at a tea shop called Kibou tea, a few years ago, and really fell back in love with tea thanks to their high quality products. The shop is here in Quebec,  with a few locations sprinkled about in the region, and there is also an on-line boutique. Link provided below if you want to know more or are too impatient to wait and see who wins, and want to buy some tea beforehand. Just be advised that the site is in French.
Pour vrai?
Back to giveaway, so here are some pics of what is coming your way, should you be the lucky winner.

This first tea is called Canneberge D'automne aka Fall Cranberry, and she's a lovely gal. She is light, almost like a Darjeeling with sweet notes of cranberry. I adore this one in the early morning with honey and oat milk, it starts those cool fall days out nicely.
Then there's this amaze bombs Chai Cochin Nasala.
Side bar, I had to go look up the proper name on the bag because I had written chai nochin casala, and it just didn't feel right. True story of my being a forgetful ass. Back to tea love.
I kid you not, this is one of the best freaking chai tea's I have ever had!
Yes, it really is.
We used to have tastings at the tea shop, I made this one with almond milk, sweetened it with a bit of maple syrup, and served it hot or cold. Either way it was always a big hit, with people inevitably buying some, and asking for the recipe.
I think the reason it is so good, is, unlike some chai tea that I have had, which can be overpowering, too bitter, or the spices make it taste a bit off, this tea is gentle with a robust flavour of sweet spices that mellows when made correctly. Fear not, the lucky winner will get the recipe for my chai drink too!

I am also including this delectable alternative to caffeine for those of you wanting something healthy and tasty. This caramel Rooibos, which is an African red-bush tea, has a myriad of great health properties, including helping with digestion, and is herbalicious! Tea and caramel, yum, fo sho!!!

They come in these perfect, sealed, flavour preserving pouches, that look like this:
There's more though!
Yes, there is because what is fall without hot cocoa?  The Bien confit Gluten-free cocoa is serious cocoa schtuff! I had people tripping out over this, homemade, rich, chocolatey goodness. 
When you make it, you can have a nice cosy set-up, like this book and blankey down below.
To make it extra special, you can choose to have your cocoa regular or vegan!
Yes sweet vegans, I keep a spot for you, always...
I know, it's pretty amaze bombs to hear that all this could be yours.
Better than a million dollar mansion you say?
Why yes, I agree, it is.
For what is a mansion without a hot cup of love? An empty sad house. Wah wah waaaaaaah...
But seriously, this could be you...
So, rules. Why are there so many rules all the time? And why is the rum always gone?

So, here goes, you can enter one of two ways:

1) Subscribe to the blog, via that easy, enter your email button.

2) Follow on instagram.

3) Leave a comment on the blog or on the insta feed on any of the 2018 fall giveaway pictures.

The giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere, as long as you have an addy to have your gifts sent to.
You have until October 31st, 2018 to enter.
There are no limits to the amount of entries, you can enter more than once by liking the favourite's fall giveaway pics on Instagram and adding a comment.
The winner will be announced Friday, November 9th.
Best of luck to one and all, and God bless!

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  1. Thanks for the chance! Also...LOVE your IG page...entered there also! Have a wonderful Halloween !!!

    1. You're gonna be really happy when I announce the winner!