Bien Confit Update & Blog Winner Announcement for the Fall Fun Giveaway!

Hello Lovelies,
It is a beautiful fall day out, and I am uber happy!
I apologize that the blog has been silent the last week, it is because I dislocated my rib for the fourth time-you read that right, 4 times!
As such, I have been on a rest, rest, rest order, from the doc.
 I did manage to announce the fall fun giveaway winner on Insta last Friday but I wanted to make it all blog offish.
So, the winner of the Bien Confit! Fall Fun Giveaway is...                               

    I was really happy to see how many of you participated, it is always exciting to watch, wait, and then find a winner at the end of it all. Thanks so much to all who participated!

Be not discouraged if you did not win, there will be a winter giveaway coming very soon for the holidays! Keep checking back in.
Maria will be receiving her package of yummies very soon, hopefully she will send a pic of her and the fam scarfing tasty treats!

I have fun news, my Poppa Bear and I have finally set a date for our wedding, we are looking forward to an October 2018 wedding! This is requiring mucho planning and I cannot tell you how grateful I am that there is Pinterest. LIFESAVER for the D.I.Y bride, like yours truly. Things like this next pic, really get me hyped up.                                     
I am thrilled that it will be a fall wedding, my PB indulged my love of all things fall. Speaking of fall, I believe a seasonally appropriate mood board is in order...       
I am in my element right now, wedding planning fun ahead! I admit that it has been a good thing that I have not been allowed to work on the business stuff, like my canning, which I am kind of freaking out because I am weeks behind schedule! Yikes!!!!
However, I have had the gift of injury which is allowing me to shift priorities and downsize my considerable to do list. I have been enjoying getting labels made for this gorgeous special chutney that I will be offering in my specialty Christmas gift baskets.
It is so fun! I made it using these delightful Mount Royal Plums that I got in Dunham at Au Paradis des Fruits. They are closed now but you can still grab frozen fruits and delectable honey from them, for the holiday gift giving and baking season.
I am also having a grande old time plotting my menu for the wedding, I am seriously considering mini pies like these pumpkin cuties I made for the market, These are fluffed up because they were just out the oven:
I love pie!!!!
Look how yummy and cute they were with their pie crust cut outs, I mad a second batch a bit bigger, along with some maple pecan pies

If you would like the pumpkin pie recipe it is here at the link below, just note that this is a classic/traditional pumpkin pie. Not vegan but lacto/Ovo vegetarian friendly. The Maple Pecan pie recipe stays with me for now, as it is going into the cookbook. Sorry not sorry.

Did we mention pumpkins? Look at all the pretty pumpkins I snapped pics of, while driving in the country, on my way to getting adjusted by my Chiro.

Alright lovelies, I am off to pain meds and nap land but there will be loads to come, just be patient with me and don't forget to subscribe. Leave comments or questions down below.

Take care, be well, love freely...Chef Kiki

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