Riding Single on Valentine's Without A Care

Hello Lovelies!
Isn't the bunny adorbs????? We all need more Kawaii bunny on a Vespa in our lives.
Today I am addressing riding single on V-day without a care.Why?
Because, February 14th is not only for couples. 
It is a day for EVERYONE and how you celebrate it or choose not to, is perfectly fine and dandy!
You don't have to end up lying in a puddle of sad, lonely heart, self-imposed misery goo. Yes, it is self-imposed and I will tell you all about it while letting you in on a little secret. 
Poppa Bear and I are apart for this Valentine's day, like way too many miles apart. He's on the road working, and we may not be able to spend any cyber time together on the 14th. Things may pull us in different directions but that does not mean we are not doing something or haven't done something earlier to celebrate, or that it feels less than in any way, shape or form.
I may be in a long distance relationship but I get my romantic on, no matter what. 
I make the effort because it all comes down to a choice. I can choose to whine, bemoan my lot in life, and spread the unhappiness, or I can choose to be awesome sauce with a cape! 
I do that by taking measures to ensure that I am prepared, involved in my life, choosing something that brings joy, and sharing that with others. 
Single, long distance, dating, engaged, married, separated, divorced, unwell, confused, overjoyed. It all means the same thing. 
You need to always be practicing how to have a relationship with yourself so you can be good at having them with other people. You need to feed your soul, pray and clearly define what you want. God has provided us all with a myriad of abilities, gifts, and true love that comes from His unending source. 
Let's not be rude and push it away in our desire for companionship or in response to societal pressures.

Still feeling like this at the thought of it?
You need some sobering reality:
Not enough, try this:
So, how to make the 14th feel great? Planning. 
And by planning I mean be prepared, get yourself together, grab other stragglers along for the ride. Loads of people need companionship and not only on the 14th of February.
Sparkles help! I am very artsy fartsy and a special day means waaaaaay more sparkle fun to come.
One of the worst choices you could make is sitting at home, all alone, wallowing and weeping in misery. Get out there, make plans, call or browse the interweb; life experiences await you. 
Make sure you are busy, sign up for a try-out class, something fun like a ceramic café, vegetarian or vegan smoothie workshop, or maybe you are more adventurous. Wall climbing class, a sky diving class-if weather does not permit, they now have indoor sky diving courses you can try out. Are you a group of V-day singles? Get silly! Go to the arcade, go to laser quest, go to a baking class, try a scuba diving lesson together, or a shooting range. Do something that you have always wanted to do and allow yourself to really enjoy it. Live big and juicy!!!!!
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                      Image result for ceramic cafe montreal   
You get to choose your piece, pay for it, paint, have your cake and fun at the same time!
Are you more of an introverted and quiet type? Get lost in someone else's story and by that, I mean go on a private date and treat yourself to a browse and buy at your local bookstore, comic book shop, or art store, get your fav. food or specialty drink. Sit somewhere and begin to have your moment writing, sketching, or reading. Cupcakes or ice-cream are absolutely acceptable!
Roar your way through this day like a freaking steam roller! 
And I give you permission to do the following:
Stay sassy...
You're a star today too!
Another nice way to share Valentine's is to visit some others out there who could really use a pick-me-up. How about the elderly or sick kids in a hospital? 
Volunteering is a wonderful way to give the love you have to share and it's free!
Never forget that you are precious in God's sight, loved tenderly, and blessed. See for yourself...
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