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Bonjour lovelies & a Happy Fun & Furry Friday to you!
                     We all love Fridays, but we are the lucky few that get to love every day!!:

I have been having a seriously rough time of it and I need release, affirmation, positive reinforcement, smiles, warmth, laughter, and love.
                       How Adorable! This is what Tank looks like when he gets a bath!:
Along with some lighthearted and silly moments, I hope it will bring a bit of sunshine to your day as well.

A bit of seriousness first though, I suffer from a medical condition, (which I will not go into details about in this blog post) but it causes major difficulties with anxiety, sleep, and my happiness meter.
I try to be positive but it isn't easy at times...
                              Ich kann mich glücklich schätzen Freunde zu haben, die dies tun.:
It has been effecting me a lot this past week and as such, I have been looking into the possibility of getting a service dog.
I did not know that service dogs were available to those who suffer with anxiety and my particular medical condition, I hope I will be blessed enough to have one in the near future.
The difficulty lies firstly, with my serious allergies to most dogs. My son has a poodle/yorkie mix and that was no probs Bob. It has been suggested that I try a Labradoodle with a more poodlesque curly coat, as it might not be a trigger. It was also suggested, to go to a pet place and just see if upon interaction, there were any triggers for my allergies.

Look at how cute this little, chocolate, Australian Labradoodle puppy is:
                            Image result for labradoodle service dogs
So, after a particularly bad night, and still being in the throes of anxiety-which I dampened down with skullcap (future post to come and link to), we went in search of Labradoodle puppies.This next pic looks like the first type of cutie I got to hold, we couldn't take pics in the place but I found one that looks so much like the adorable, sweet, Labradoodle:
                                           Cute Labradoodles dog:
I seem to have done fine with him, smooshed my face in his softness and all. And seriously, it was sooooooooo soft! He was also mawing a lot but as a young puppy, it is to be expected, and trained out of them. I did notice the positive uptick in my mood and that my anxiety went down, after holding him.
This was the second...(again a pic I found on-line cuz no pics were allowed)
                       Image result for bernedoodle black puppy
Mr. Bernedoodle (above) cute fluffiness, was a definite allergen supplier, waaaah, although, I could be mistaken because there were so many allergens in that place. By the time I was enjoying the little fluffers, (okay, not so little because he was 3 months and big) I was already needing to get out in fresh, zero allergens zone.

So, it seems it's gonna be a Labradoodle or poodle type dog, in my service dog future. I had not realized how costly they are until I started researching, between $7500.00 and up, to start. Yikes!
I do feel that with all the work that goes into training and finding these special dogs, the price is fair and understandable. I found one all black, standard poodle, named Guinness on a site. Not ready for him yet but that name was so cool. For now, I shall flood my pinterest cuteness board with way too many pics of Labradoodles, and begin a list of cool names, which may turn out to be useless as service dogs are usually already given a name because training starts young. No probs, keeps my mind focused on a happy task and that is a good thing.
I must say that I truly appreciate all the time and effort people put in to getting these service dogs ready, for those of us in need. God bless your lovely souls!
Here is a gratuitous picture of another adorbs puppy in a toffee colour I have totes fallen for:
                                  He has great tastes in restaurants: | Community Post: 14 Reasons You Should Follow Alvin The Goldendoodle On Instagram:
His name is Alvin and you can follow his shenanigans on Instagram! His insta account name is: alvinthedood
Looking at that cute punim makes my heart feel a bit less heavy and my smile come a bit more easily.

It's tough being in a downward spiral of anxiety, it makes everything so much harder than it should be, than you want it to be, that your rational mind knows it shouldn't be but you physical body begs to differ about. It's frustrating, lowers your feelings of goodness and self-worth, and is hard to communicate because you don't really know why you over respond more than the norm.
             Quote on mental health stigma - I don't think people understand how stressful it is to explain what's going on in your head when you don't even understand it yourself.:
While I was exploring some stuff on my condition, this showed up and I want to post it here because sometimes understanding the mechanics of a thing, can really make a big difference in fighting back and getting to that point where you can stand once more.
        What Causes Panic Attacks? // OK, except: your subconscious mind isn't a physical organ capable of "releasing" stress hormones-your body does that.:
I chose to take a step back, stop pushing or insisting it was not a big deal, and be more gentle with myself. Poppa Bear also reminded me to stop being so hard on myself, and made sure I repeated those words with him so that I really got it. It was important, just like self-care is important when in the throes of anxiety or depression of any kind.
        "If you're struggling, you deserve to make self-care a priority. Whether that means lying in bed all day, eating comfort food, putting off homework, crying, sleeping, rescheduling plans, finding an escape through a good book, watching your favorite tv show, or doing nothing at all — give yourself permission to put your healing first. Quiet the voice telling you to do more and be more, and today, whatever you do, let it be enough. Feel your feelings, breathe, and be gentle with yourself. ...:
I did find these lists and little sillies helped, because I had forgotten to laugh and do simple things that were good for me...
            Things To Do When You’re Feeling Down Pictures, Photos, and Images for Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Twitter:

These put a smile on my face:
  Today Top 28 Lol pictures (12:02:13 AM, Friday 27, January 2017 PST) – 28 pics:
There seems to be a tongue and determination theme happening here...
                     So much for that jar of peanut butter.  Incredible how long that corgi's tongue is!:
Sometimes other people get it wrong too, and it's marvellous, in a smh way, how foolish we humans can be:
                                          You know I'm not sure if some of these are photo shop but they are still funny!! 
And just when I think I am in a really bad way, I find things like this & realize I am doing really great:
           Dumb things people say in courtrooms…:
 Keep keeping on and loving Labradoodles, just like this super adorbs, stolen my heart, fluffers:
     Cuddles! I wanna bring this puppy home and love him FOREVER! HE'S SO FLUFFY I COULD DIE!:

Come on, how can you not love that face?
If you are feeling super down and need a happy moment, remember God loves you and click on this link below. It allows you to get in line to virtually play with a real kitten remotely or you can virtually feed a dog remotely. No, it is for realsies! Try it:

Take care, be well, love freely...
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