First Day of Fall & Recipe for Vegan Carrot Ginger and Coconut Soup

Good Morning Lovelies,

It is officially the first day of fall & my summer blog hiatus is over & I am back to writing up a storm!
I know it has been quiet here and my mini blog vay-cay was never announced, but I had to make the decision for a myriad of important reasons; and it was a positive choice. I will delve in deeper at a later date, for now, it is the 22 of September 2017 & the Autumn Equinox is upon us, and I for one, could not be more thrilled about it!


I am getting very serious about this season, even if we are experiencing some crazy heat this coming week, I will turn a blind eye and go merrily along my fall way; filled with crisp, cool, colourful, autumn dreams & to do's.
Kinda like this:
        Fall To Do List

There's loads to do in the meantime, I am a homesteading/canning fiend right now. Been getting the last of the summer tomatoes canned, will be posting that tomorrow, and have just gotten more plums and apples from Paradis des Fruits out in Dunham QC. It is major pickling, jam, jelly, compote, fruit butter, and fermenting time!

All these pretty, purple, plump, plums, (say that 3 times fast!) are going to become glorious pickled plums and my very special Bien Confit! Gluten-Free Christmas Plum Spiced Jelly! I must admit, I adore how the mulling of spices and plums with bright vinegary notes, filters throughout the house and brings in such seasonal warmth.

I am announcing a give-away the 5th of October, to celebrate Summers' outtro and the Falls' Into. You gotta check my insta page and keep coming in to check the blog to find out what it is and to get in on it!

However, today, as I have a 10 lb bag of carrots to tackle, that I got for the boom price of $3.29 at the farmers market, I am leaving you with a beautiful recipe for my healthy, nutrtious, and delicious, dair-free, gluten-free, refined sugar-free, vegan carrot ginger & coconut soup. It is an easy one, perfect for end-of summer, slipping into fall, share it with someone you love, time of the year.
Enjoy, don't forget to subscribe and leave your comments down below!


12 Organic carrots, peeled & chopped (I am going to insist on organic for this recipe) 
1 Celery stalk, peeled & chopped 
1 Shallot peeled & chopped 
1 Onion peeled & chopped 
4 Cups Vegetable stock (feel free to use chicken if you prefer but no beef-this makes it no longer vegan - duh) 
3 Tbsp Olive oil 
1 Tbsp Vegan margarine 
1/2 tsp sea salt 
1 tsp fresh pepper
1 tsp garlic powder
2 Tbsp Ginger grated 
2 Bay leaves
1/4 Cup coconut creamer
1 Tbsp Rice miso 
3 Tbsp nutritional yeast

-In pot, heat oil and margarine until hot, then add shallots and onion. Cook until translucent. 
-Add celery and carrot, cook 5 minutes and stir often. 
-Add seasoning but not the miso and stock, bring to boil. Reduce heat to low and allow to cook until carrots are soft. About 25-35 minutes. 
-Remove from heat, remove Bay leaves, stir in miss, nutritional yeast and then allow to cool. 
-Once completely cool, blend in blender until smooth. 
-Add coconut cream, stir thoroughly and place back on heat. Warm up the soup and test to see if you need to add some salt and pepper to taste. 
That's it, all ready to serve! 



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