See the Love you Want With God's Grace, Patience & Guidance


Good blessed morning one & all!

Today, a special shot out goes out to my beloved, it is his birthday today and God has blessed us with the opportunity to be together. I am so excited to be celebrasàting his special day with him, for the first time in 5 years! Yes, long distance relationships can be rough but these special times make it all so sweet.
This is the cake he wants me to make for him but as I am traveling, it is a bit difficult to board a plane with this chocolate monstrosity! He is getting something though, cannot wait to see his face.
If you want the recipe for the above cake, I will be posting it for the holidays!

The quotes below sum it up for me today, as I/we continue different sermon series on Truth for Life ministry about relationships and marriage. Poppa Bear and Mama Bear listening to God's word and knowing contentment because we understand that through Jesus we found one another; it's a gift we treasure. 
Remember that God loves you and always wants the best for you, listen to His voice, humble yourself to be able to actually hear what He has to say, and have faith that God will provide the most wonderful person whom He deems worthy. 

Have a blessed day lovelies! 

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  1. I love you Kiki! 💗💘 😍#ATML #Pb&Rbj #loveboids