Making Time for God in the Flurry of Activity


It's Sunday afternoon and the day has already had so much in it, it's a busy time in my life as so much is going on. I have been blessed with the opportunity to give back to others who have given me much in my life and are in great need at this time. Some people would see it as an added burden in their already hectic lives, personally, I feel very lucky. I am trusted by God and the individual to be of service, other blessings have flown my way to make a small but felt moment of happiness, and there is opportunity for growth on both sides. It's a gift and I am not squandering any of it. 
It feels like there are God given places of turn around in our lives, some we are very sure of because the signs are evident; some we must take on faith. I love when it's a mix of both, I can hear Him, feel Him, and praise Him for always being a loving Heavenly Father. 
Good things are coming and I am gratefully embracing and walking by faith to where Jesus has shown me I need to be. 
Have a lovely & blessed day. 
Remember to share your light, this world needs it so.
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