There Be Lilac's Out There!*

Morning Folks!

That top pic is not mine but it was so purdy, I hads to shares! Bad grammar aside, I am having some funventure's in homesteading. This week has been busy busy!
Our neighborhood has become a fragrant lilac wonderland and I am taking full advantage. Remember the other day, I had walked and they were just starting to bloom, so I grabbed a few an enjoyed them as I ate my breakfast and read? 
Well, it turns out that yesterday, my aunt called to say her tree of lilacs was ready and to come on over and snag as many as I like. I wrangled her and my mom together so I could get as much help as possible to tackle the full and pleasant scented loveliness.
We cut most of the bottom one's we could reach, by the time I remembered to snag a pic. It was hot and sunny, didn't want to repeat sunstroke city, so we worked quickly and I scored big time! 
We filled two huge bowls and fit it into a large plastic bag, which I gently closed and placed in the fridge overnight to keep them fresh and happy until I could start processing them today. It promises to be a long task but I saw some pics for lilac jellies on Pinterest, and have decided I must make some! 
It looks so fabulously special, I am hoping for a more purple hue for some pots. Like these:
It's quite the job though to get to the jelly making stage. It means slowly and very gently pulling the petals out of the base, then pouring a steeping liquid of choice, and drawing out the flavour overnight. It is a bit more painstaking but as I am new to canning and jelly/jam making, this is exciting in my mind. 
Today is all about lilac petals and taking care of our little pooch, The Rockstar aka Rocky. He had a bit of vet drama yesterday and was not well for the last 4 days. I am happy to report that he is right as rain and in full recovery mode. Plus he's still a cutie and very loveable-vet says there is no cure for that! 
Oh well, guess we just have to keep him. Heh heh.
Here he is all snuggled in between my legs and nestled in the blankets, as I write this post.
Love that cute little punim! 
Mom, why are you disturbing my sleeps?
Yeah, tough life alright. He was not too interested in being awake yet, he started drifting back to sleep pretty quickly.
I am back to doing these purple beauties:
Hope you liked it, I have a previous dandelion jelly post and recipe for you and there will be some raw vegan one's to come, so keep coming back & don't forget to subscribe! Have a lovely and blessed day, May Abba guide you and keep you. 

* Repost from my blog The Kinky Coconut 5/27/2016
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