Listening to God's Word & Garden Growth


Good Blessed Sunday Morning!

I am enjoying the weekend, spending time with loved one's, and keeping up with my garden. 
But first, Abba and sermon time because I really need it. 
Came across this wonderful sermon from Dr. Charles Stanley at In Touch Ministries and it's titled, Your Personal Convictions. The opening first 3 minutes grabbed me and I knew God wanted me to hear this message. I am passing the link along, you need to click on this and hear the word delivered with such compassion, love, understanding, and relevance to your life. 

Speaking of life and love, I am excited to share that I made my first fertilizer "tea", to feed my plants and help them grow big and strong. It came out great and I will be incorporating it into my watering routine throughout the growing season. 
Next I tackle pests with all natural pesticide, I have slugs, spider mites, and ants to contend with. However, my plants are doing well and sprouting and gaining some height.
         That's echinacea, I was given small cuttings and they are very happy.
This is the fresh thyme, I have since move it to the shade with the basil and mint; I noticed they were happier in less direct sunlight.
Basil is doing really well, and the taste is fabulous; I am going to be testing a recipe for basil confit soon, it's not something I have made before and I am looking for pesto-like, cheese-free ideas. This might be a cool alternative, I came across it in a French preserves cookbook.

My son has sent pics of his awesome tan and delicious, fresh food. He was making fun of the girls doing hot chick poses...
Look at this fish with fresh fruit, he says it tastes so much cleaner than what we eat here.
I am looking forward to hearing all about his good times and new discoveries.
In the meantime, I am off to have some fun of my own. 
Enjoy the gift of today and continue to shine! God bless you.
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