On this page you will find a few pictures & descriptions of some of the offerings in my Etsy shop, where you can purchase all the delicious, bespoke, gluten-free products I make & sell.

Here is the Link to the Etsy shop:

A little bit about Bien Confit! gluten free:

I'm a Chef with serious allergies and major passion for all things culinary.
I wanted people like me, (in the allergy or celiac's boat) along with non-allergy sufferers, to be able to enjoy special foods; without worrying about ingredients.
I decided to open Bien Confit! gluten free, on Etsy; where I offer some seriously delicious, bespoke, gluten-free products.

You won't find what is made at Bien Confit! gluten free, on any shelf in stores.
I have created recipes with unique qualities to delight your senses, create an experience, and leave you wanting more.

Always made by hand, with lots of love, in small batches, featuring unique ingredients* with delightful flavours that you and yours will enjoy!

Favourite Materials*:

-Real fruits and vegetables
-No artificial colours or additives
-Specialty teas with natural ingredients
-Foraged and hand picked ingredients
-Locally sourced, whenever possible and often seasonal
-All natural flavours that give a great twist to my products
-Packaging you can recycle

*Some ingredients and items support not-for-profit organizations, with the desire to give back to our local & global communities in mind. These items are specially marked & the percentage we give is included in the price, so your purchase goes a little further and we can all feel good about being part of making a difference.*

                     Lilac & Pineapple Jelly:                   

A wonderful jelly waiting to be discovered, with a taste like nothing you have ever had before! This jelly with it's pretty colour, has a mild taste of pineapple and light grape with a soft lilac background note. The lilac does not over power or taste too flowery, it introduces itself in the most intriguing way and delights all those who try it. One of our most popular flavours, people have a hard time, not finishing the jelly jar in one sitting.
This one will definitely charm you and any who receive it.
As lilac's have a short season of availability, this jelly has a short run. Get it while supplies last! 


                                Dandelion Jelly

A jelly that tastes like honey with earthy and nectar tones. The first bite is very different, the more you eat, the more you want. It is a lovely addition to your pantry and the kids will enjoy it-perfect for the honey lover in your life.
As dandelion's are only available in warmer seasons, this jelly has a shorter run. Get it while supplies last!

                   Brambleberry & Lilac Jam:               

A jam that is packed with wonderful berries, is sweet with a hint of lilac in the background which introduces itself politely; and never takes away from the fresh raspberry, blackberry, & blueberry taste.
As lilac's have a short season of availability, this jelly has a short run. Get it while supplies last!

 Strawberry, Rhubarb & Maple Syrup Compote:

Yes, we have combined three of natures most divine flavours to give you an outrageously delicious compote! 
This jar never stays full for long, it is as versatile as it is tasty. Less sweet than commercial products; we use maple syrup and a little something special, to add wonderful depth to these already bright flavours. Tart & tangy thanks to real strawberries & rhubarb, and 100% Qu├ębec maple syrup melds beautifully for a nice finish to every bite! Only here for a short time, get it while supplies last!


This is a sneak peak at our specialty, holiday, gift line of cookies:

Amazing Lime Poppyseed Thumbprint Cookie:

A seriously limey citrus, very bright & fresh curd-filled, shortbread with flavour that just does not quit! Read below for more:
Made with our vibrant, all natural, homemade, lime curd; this cookie is phenomenal! It packs a delectable pucker punch and the poppyseed is not overwhelming, but adds an extra something special to every bite. We bake these fresh to order, and if we're honest, we have a hard time not eating a whole tray of them. Whoever gets these gems of limey pucker sweet delight will be thrilled & unwilling to share once they taste them. (We don't disagree with that last part.)

     Blissful Cocoa, Hazelnut & Coffee Biscotti


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