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Let me start by saying that date paste is a wonderful way to sweeten raw food recipes and add some lovely fiber to your food. This particular recipe is needed to make the Raw food pecan pie date bar recipe, which I will be posting soon, soon, soon. So, technically this is part one that leads to lovely part two which I will link when all is said & done.
This date paste is very easy, uses only 2 ingredients, and is so versatile. I like to use it in raw desserts, soups, smoothies, and even for salad dressings. Hmmmmm, good future recipe post ideas, will do.
Here you go, and FYI, this recipe's final amount is perfect for the pecan pie bars I mentioned earlier, I prefer to make Raw food items in smaller quantities when I can because they do not last very long and I am usually the only one who is eating them.

DATE PASTE:  (Rawfood)

12 Diglet dates, pits removed
1/2 Cup Filtered water, plus 1 Cup for soaking

-Soak dates in one cup warm water overnight, water will cool, it's okay.
-Next morning drain dates, and put in blender.
-Add 1/2 Cup water and blend until a paste forms, the same consistency as in the pics down below. You may add a bit more water as needed if your dates were larger and the consistency is too thick. You are looking for a ketchup consistency.
-Store in an airtight container, I prefer glass jars( I used one of those cute mini mason jars), for 5-7 days in the fridge. Freezes beautifully, lasts one month when frozen. I recommend freezing them in ice cube trays, then popping them out and putting them in freezer bags to use as needed.
I hope you enjoy it, comments down below and don't forget to subscribe! 

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