Freeyumm Gluten-free Bars Review

Helloodles Loverlies!

I went for a zip out to the health food store to get some organic produce, and discovered these new bars! Holy Hannah was I ever a happy camper! I decided they deserved a Bien Confit! Gluten free food review.
Yes, they needed stars around thars, to magnify the awesomeness of tasty treatdom!
They are free of the top 9 priority allergens and they taste really good, like, seriously good!
My fav is the honey apple and oat but I also tested the raspberry chia, as well as the blueberry oat bars. Nice texture, good bite, a small crumb, wrapped in a fruity and oat, well balanced, yummy bar!
I was well-behaved and stayed away from the chocolate.
This is a tough allergy I have redeveloped, but contend with it I must, so I do.
I will admit, that it is not always easy, but it is a journey and I am making the effort.
Back to bars, yup, these are a new staple in my pantry. I like that they are not overly sweet, do not give me a sugar high headache or hurt the teeth, and don't taste chemically saccharine. I really like that they are a petite snack size and I can read along and understand EVERY ingredient.
I had stepped away from prepared bars because they were just doing awful things to my stomach, they were gluten-free but they had other allergy or digestive issue triggers. These are doing great, and the taste blew me away! I shared one with a work colleague, who recently went gluten-free, and she took a pic of the package and was going out to buy some asap.

I paid $5.49 at Tau, for a box of 5 cutesie, delightful bars, and have been such a satisfied customer; that I returned to buy 3 more boxes!
Some might feel the price is a bit high for the size of the bars, to this I say, (as a professionally trained chef, who makes her own products to sell, and has been responsible for costing in a myriad of kitchens) the price is very reasonable and fair.
Yes, the bars are smaller but that is a GOOD thing.
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We eat way too much, super sizing does not equal value or bang for your buck.
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I have always believed that less is more, too much of anything is not a good thing, and that we as a North American society have seriously distorted perceptions of what proper portion sizes are, thanks to the fast food world dominating our psyches.
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Perhaps because I am from Quebec, where we take a more European approach to food, (although we have adopted some bad habits as of late) I prefer something that meets dietary needs, (not to be confused with wants) is portioned properly, helps me when time is constrained for snack prep, is of great quality, and is obviously made with love and understanding to my allergy/health struggles.
Your kids will want to eat these bars and they will not be triggering the allergies of kids around them or their own.

Oh! By the way, they are GMO free! They also have cookies but I did not try them yet.
                                     FreeYumm Honey Apple Oat Bars 

                                       FreeYumm Blueberry Oat Bars 

                                       FreeYumm Raspberry Chia Bars
I am using them in my portion controlled, healthy, whole food, meals for work and on the road. The taste is a bit nutty, with the right touch of sweetness, and it feels satisfying without feeling deprived. I have also noticed that the variety makes my taste buds happy, and I do not get food bored. I know, I know, first world probs but I am being honest.I am seriously thinking of doing a back-to-school giveaway with these bars in the fall. Yes, that good!
I suggest that you try these out and tell a friend, they really are a bar of Yumm Yumm Yumm!
(No, they didn't pay me for any of this, did not give me any free bars to try, I literally liked them and geeked out that much, as to copy the tag line on the packaging.)
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What are you still doing reading?
Get out there and snag some of these, here is the link to the company site:

                                     FreeYumm Banana Maple Cookies

Take care, be well, love freely!

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