Things to Consider

It's easy to become lost in the muck that clutters the mind, wears away at self confidence, degrades self-esteem, and somehow infiltrates to a point where we replace truth with distorted concepts of self. We live in a world of unrealistic expectations, where people take advantage of kindness, where those who are in the wrong expect you to swallow their sinful version of truth, where those who are caught in the struggle of trying to live have to shut up and take it to be able to barely survive, where profit before people and planet mentality, is considered acceptable. 
I struggle with the way the world works,(or doesn't) and how broken so many people are because of the inconsiderate, greedy, impatient, cruel, corrupted, self-serving, and dismissive few. What is happening in so-called "third world countries", (a term I have always found offensive, so easy to pretend it's further away and not our responsibility if we distance ourselves by embedding in our subconscious minds that it's on this planet but kind of not) and I am well aware that this is the beginning of horrible times to come, that will have dire ramifications and impact on all of us. 
It is time to pay the piper and the past has not been kind to the gluttony of the rich and well off. 
French revolution sound familiar? 
We are at a cross roads in our society, a place where great change caused by dire consequences must come about. 
Historically, we have been here before. Civilization's all over the world have reached these high peaks of existence, waging wars, spreading propaganda and distraction to keep people blind to the truth, eating up every local resource, destroying eco systems, continuing to behave wastefully when the environment has proved it to be unsustainable, placing destructive physical and financial burdens on the lower classes, flaunting riches and privileged lifestyle in the faces of those who can barely afford to eat, all the while disdaining and brutalizing the "peasants" who make their lavish and reckless ways possible. 

I have always been aware of the tremendous inequalities on this planet and have never wavered in my desire to affect positive change. It's just part of who I am and being compassionate comes easily, seeing what people want to avert their eyes from or want to pretend is not there, has never been something I could do. Does it make life hard? Sometimes but I truly give thanks because I like this trait and feel it's something precious I value more than any precious metals, jewels, places, or things. 

I remember 3 very important moments from my youth: 

1- Was seeing a commercial at the age of 6 while watching the Saturday morning cartoons. It was an ad for the peace corps, bringing water and hope to those most in need. The toughest job you'll ever love. I ran to the kitchen and told my mom that I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up. Join the peace corps and help others. 

2-Was seeing homeless, young and old on the streets, and not understanding why no one cared or even saw them. 

3-Was hearing this quote:

I believed that I could change the world, all by myself, I would make it right. 
As time, life's struggles, injuries, failures, disappointments, and systematic oppression became glaringly obvious, I became quiet, unsure, lost confidence, and settled into the grinding pressures we all too often succumb to. 
The good news is that it is never too late to pick up the mantle once more, cast off the rotten rags of the enemy's mental oppression, and say goodbye to what no longer serves or benefits and has actually become of detriment. 
A few things to consider... 

This is a great calling, a blessing, and I pray that God is not disappointed in the way I am expressing this need to help and do for more than myself. I prayed for a sign that I was walking in the right direction and feel so humbled, and utterly grateful to the Lord for answering me. Remember this dear one's, you are not alone and these messages are the one's we all need to take to heart and spread:

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