Finally Seed Starting for 20017 Garden!


Good Morning Lovelies!

It's April and I will admit to being a tad bit behind on starting my seedlings, however, this is the month when many people start. I have also come to find that many of the gardener's I have been so impressed with, upon seeing their gardens, have been using starter plants from nurseries. We bought a few herbs and berry bushes last year but I assumed that most people started everything basic from their own seed stores. Good to know for when I have a much bigger garden, I came across some pics on Pinterest of some pretty inspiring gardens/homesteading idea's:
                      Great Gardens & Ideas:  

                 cold frames:      
           the peony and the bee:
Definitely not there yet but I have plans, I have plans...
For this year I have been smarter and have learned from last years mistakes, thanks to my trusty garden journal I also remembered the difficulties encountered. I managed to save containers and egg cartons, I am really aiming for the whole, recycle/reduce, reuse, homesteading/gardening approach. It made for some really great holders for my seeds and I got an organic mix to make sure they got an awesome start on their plant journey. It cost me between $10-$14, can't be more specific, I lost the receipt.

These are the what my seeds went into, I got it at the local hardware store for less than $5:

I set out all the cut up carton's, individual cups were lined up, filled half-way, seeds placed in, and then gently covered with some more organic starter. I also added some crushed organic egg shells, great for tomatoes and roses! If you do any seedlings, do not forget to label as you go along, you will forget. Trust me, I learned the hard way last year, it honestly slipped my mind as I was a bit too excited. Not clever but you live you learn.

Uber important to put down a plastic table protector where you work and wear gardening gloves, dirt stains but smells soooooo good! The plastic cover the tray comes with, allows the seeds to be protected, keeps in humidity, and makes it feel like a mini green house. I finished off with a light spritzing of my diluted, organic, DIY fertilizer concentrate. 

If you would like the recipe for that it is here:


There were big sets of seed starters that I recycled fruit and vegetable plastic containers for, I kept the one's with lids because I wanted the same thing as the large one above.
Planted a few varieties of tomatoes, along with mixed carrots, purple celery, parsley roots, and garlic! I kept seeds from the most delectable Québec field tomatoes we bought two boxes of last year, I am going to try my hand at growing some red orbs of goodness!

It was imperative I get a shelf to sit these trays in front of the window, luckily some went on special from $40, down to $20. All of the seeds have a sunny spot, plenty of organic support, and loads of love going into their humble beginning'. That pic on the bottom right was from my first attempt at baby tomatoes, I started them late but they came out beautifully.
They really began to thrive when I learned about pinching plants, it made a world of difference. I went from flowers-thanks bee's for being awesome pollinator's,  to having fruit pop out! Here are some more pics of my newbie 2016 garden and picking's:

Well, my Amy Winehouse has just stopped playing,(miss that voice, really wonder about what beautiful music she never got to make; she's singing in heaven now, God rest her soul) that means that it is time for the rest of the days work, some cooking, prepping for my big Spring Cleanse, (blog posts about that are up and coming after Easter) laundry, and some serious unicorn daydreams.
Have a blessed week, and don't forget to subscribe.

Take care, be well, love freely!

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