Going off to Play at Finnegan's Market! See You There This Saturday September 24th, 2016.

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Goo day one and all,


Le marché du samedi - Saturday Market


Finnegan's Market

Hudson's Flea and Antiques Market
at 775 Main Road

We are hustling and bustling with all the last minute touches, to make this go smoothly and bring you all as much awesomness as possible!

All this week has become a blur and I am just singing Dory's, "Just keep swimming" song over and over, along with saying prayers to God and Jesus to get us all through. The good news is that the cookies are baked, packaged, tagged and ready to go.
The jams, jellies, sauces, compotes and pickled items are all good and done, packaged, labeled, price tagged, and ready to meet eager crowds. God, please let there be eager crowds.
I made some more Lilac & Pineapple jelly and just adore how pretty it is, you must see another pic of it.
 White tea and Grape Jelly is going to be super huge in the hit department, it's got that delectable grapetty grapeness mingled with a delicate white tea background note, that livens and refreshes a classic. Oh yeah! PB & Jelly, PB & Jelly.
 Only made a small batch of Spiced Tipsy Banana Sauce but it will make a delectably humble appearance, along with a whole bunch of other yum yums!
 I even pickled some of my fav onions to sell, these are great man gifts! The men in my family just scarf and I watch it disappear rather quickly every time I put it on the table. I like it mucho in my Fattouch Panzanella.

We got all the small touches done and I am happy we went this route, it does make for a beautiful, rustic, sweet presentation and people want something nice to give and enjoy for themselves.

So, please come and look for us at Finnegan's Market this Saturday the 24th of September 2016.
We will be out in Hudson with all the other tables and stalls and we will be looking forward to meeting and giving you a taste of the Bien Confit! GF line of Bespoke Delights!

The directions and information all follow down below, with a link to the Market site, should you want to know more.


Le marché du samedi - Saturday Market

Hours and directions

Every Saturday, from May 7 until the end of October
Open from 9h00 until 16h00

Finnegan's Market is located in Hudson, west of Montréal via highway 40

Address is  775 rue Main, Hudson, QC, J0P 1J0 

775 rue Main, Hudson, QC, J0P 1J0 

From Montreal:

From Autoroute 40 W 
Take exit 28 to merge onto Route Harwood/QC-342 O 
Turn right onto Côte Saint Charles 
Turn left onto Rue Main
Finnegan's Market parking will be on the left
From Ottawa

From Autoroute 40 E 
Take exit 17 for QC-201 toward Montée Lavigne/Salaberry de Valleyfield 
Turn left onto QC-201 N 
Slight left onto Montée Lavigne 
Turn right onto Rue Main
Finnegan's Market parking will be on the right

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