Fun Times with Apple Jelly Making


It's almost apple season and I have played with some new recipes, I wanted an apple jelly that tasted like something I have never had before. I found a French Apple Jelly recipe and changed it all up, Believe it or not, I have never had any apple jelly before. I mean with regular apples, I have tasted crab apple jelly as a child that my mother had made; and obviously I didn't like it. Sour tangy and tart are not usually kid friendly foods, when all mingled into one thing. I was a bit hesitant about making a regular apple jelly, when I tasted it-I was super happy! I didn't want the regular cinnamon apple flavour, I decided real vanilla beans and cardamom would be a welcome change, and boy was I glad I did! The thing that I did not know about jelly making was that I needed a jelly making bag, the thing that allows jelly to be clear and strained properly. Not having one of those, or the special strainer stand that other, better prepared canning people have; I went ghetto fabulous!
See for yourself:

I used my nut milk bag, a bungee cord, my large glass measuring bowl, and the handles of the cupboard. It worked like a charm and I regret nothing, kind of like the possum in the next picture:

                            Image result for I regret nothing possum

All joking and shameless moments of necessity/invention aside, I managed to get a great end product, thanks to coming up with this make-shift straining method. I will be seeking out a jelly straining kit, but these were the jelly results:

It gave a lovely, rich, golden jelly, speckled with real vanilla beans. I was also enjoying how well it gelled, thanks to the extra awesome pectin content, that is naturally occurring in apples.

As it was my first Apple Jelly, rodeo, I really was beaming hard when I saw that it worked. Hehheh.

It turns out I had a cool opportunity to showcase this lovely gem of a jelly. I got to do a tasting at a boutique, of my French Apple Jelly with Vanilla, and Blueberry with Black Tea Jam. I put them on crusty bread with goat cheese and served them plain on gluten-free crackers. The response was heart-warmingly positive and people were asking over and over, when and where they could get the products.  It felt great because I kind of fell into this idea to sell bespoke jams, jellies, and confections on Etsy. I felt a little less crazy for jumping in so enthusiastically to take a crack at selling them.
 I managed to take a few pics:


People reallllllly like jam and jelly! 
I decided to try my jelly on gluten-free crusty buns with a strong, French, soft cheese. I am not supposed to be having dairy, but I had really been craving great cheese with my bread and decided to live a little. Not doing it all the time, but as a special treat, it was okay. I actually did well, my reaction was minimum but as I said, it was a rare treat-definitely will stick to dairy-free. 
Those little black flecks are the scrumptious beads of real vanilla and do they ever bring this jelly up a notch!
I have decided that this pairing will be an appetizer at my next party, I may throw in a spiced plum and port jam as well; when I finally get my plums picked and jam made. 
So, that's how my first foray into apple jelly making went, as a newb; 
I am overjoyed with the results and will be picking some lovely apples this early and late fall to come. I can't wait to show and tell you about those adventure's, we are trying to organize a family and friend's apple picking/lunch event. Hopefully, we can get it all to work and have a blasty blast. 
Til' then, I leave you with this gorgeous pic of apples at the market which I found on Pinterest. People are so talented, they take such wonderful pics; makes me feel like I am right there with them.

Take care & be well, Abba Bless!

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