Welcome May! 14 Things May Means for Me List

It has arrived, beautiful May. 
This spring month is a time where it feels like things are finally coming together, there's loads to do, (well, there's always loads to do since becoming a grown-up) the weather is slowly sliding into summer, buds are poking through, and people seem to be smiling more as winters chill leaves our bones. It is fall, only inverted for me. Fall is when winter prep begins and all the foods and holiday work reflect that; but spring is lighter fare, cleaning/clearing out, getting back to basics, and focusing energy on the simpler things. 
It sounds strange perhaps, but I always feel stuck between February and April. It's like there is no forward movement no matter how hard I try. I start going bonkers trying to beat the winter blues, and keep myself as busy as possible with loads of tasks, so I keep from going stir crazy. For anyone complaining that this is a long drawn out spring and that it is cold, allow me to remind you that this was reality just 3 weeks ago.
Yes, we had a snow storm and the snow did vanish quickly but it was a clear reminder that Quebec has a hard time letting go of Old Man Winter.
So all you complainers of cold, please hushies, we do not need a winter wrath reminder. Focus on some of this instead:
As it is May and I feel pretty chipper, I am doing a list of, Things this month means for me. 
I like doing these to clear the cobwebs, re-focus my energy, notice the good and wonderful blessings in my life, to remind myself to let go of stress, and to let my geekiness fly! 
What's your May list look like? 

Things May Means For Me:

1) I get to really look forward to going on beautiful walks out in nature when she's in full bloom! 
I am super excited for how good it's going to smell and how calmingly beautiful it is. 

2) I am majorly cleaning/organizing & getting rid of the old to make way for the new! From this, clear out my closet clutter:
To this tidy wonder: (and I had several bags I got to give to charity!)

3) My brain starts brimming with new ideas, I realize I must seize the day and ride the wave! 

4) I am on a serious homesteading kick and am enjoying all things, food preparedness and survivalist. I am even considering a starting a second blog later this summer about minimalism/homesteading; more on that later. 
For now though, let's just say my mason jars and Excalibur dehydrator are getting a good run for their money.

5) I am hoping a special combination of the two in the next picture will be in my immediate future, God willing there will be some very positive things to come. 
I took this screenshot of an Instagram feed you should check out, it keeps me going when I am sad, have ants in my pants because I struggle with patience, and when I feel like God has forgotten. 

6) Summers blessed bounty is, thank God, soon to be upon us! This means I get to load up on my favouritest foods-fruits & vegetables! Plus I enjoy wandering markets and warm weather picnics, and there be canning in my future. Whoot whoot!
                        Cool dolphin banana idea with that platter.
I know, waiting for all those delicious things is hard but soon my lovelies, soon...
This canning/cold storage is my dream for homesteading right now. I get a thrill when I look at it. No questions, just feel it.

7) My birthday is coming up and I only make mention of it because it means I get to have something very special, which I only eat once a year. 
My favourite ice-cream ever!
This chocolate mousse royale is heavenly, I don't want cake I want this:

8) I get to go see read right near my birthday, as it is being released in May- best gift ever! 
           Image result for court of wings and ruin    

I will finally be able to sit outside at the cafés and catch up on some reading. There is one of my favourite series' that I am super hyped about the new release. 

9) Japan has been in Sakura mode for a couple of weeks, I missed it but am still hoping that one day I will get to see it and purchase some Hello Kitty cuteness while there.

10) I get to test out and come up with some new recipes with loads of warm weather flavours!

These other blogger's have some tantalizing recipe suggestions. So much culinary fun to have, so little time...

11) This blog will be doing a: 

30 Day Self-Love Detox Challenge!

There will be loads of info, support, recipes, yum-scrum juices and smoothies. full menus, fit fun, and healthy doses of encouragement. So keep coming back to check it out!

12) I get to go on my annual pilgrimage to Monkland and get my yum scrum Cherry, Vanilla, Strawberry Basil, & Mojito Macarons. So good...
And yes, tea will definitely be a part of the excursion.

13) There's loads happening with our family for Mother's day, get togethers, my son is moving, and we have fun community events to attend, along with my garden finally getting a very cool set-up! Yipeeeee!

This brings us to the last one for today,

14) Sugar shack or Cabane à sucre, as we like to call it. Maple syrup season is upon us and it's so utterly delicious! I will be posting a recipe this week and it will be just in time for Mother's Day, so get you some REAL maple syrup. Ask Poppa Bear, life isn't the same without it once you have tried the real stuff.
Have a lovely and blessed day, leave your questions and comments down below. Oh, and happy Spring!
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