Raw Vegan Buckwheat Krispies Recipe


Well, Hello There!

I was wanting something simple and nutritious for breakfast but wasn't in the mood to make anything. It turns out after smashing my hand like a total klutz, there was yummy raw, vegan, cereal to be found hidden on the shelf I had been rifling through, that I had made in the dehydrator a while back. Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 

There's so much happy & healthy in a bowl and it was already made. Good Saturday morning even though I still can't find my wedding planning binder but shhhh, don't tell hubby to be. Actually, he's the first person I whined to about it and it's all because I reorganized last week & now I can't find things. The wedding binder being the most distressing but it's here somewhere. Soon-to-be Hubby to be is being very supportive & trying to help jog my memory but no luck yet, St. Christopher, please help me find it! 
Anyways back to food. 
I am working on that recipe with some vegan mock ricotta & the Sable grapes but it's not ready to post, ( I ate all the Grapes, sorry, & the grocers order will only be there later today-waaah) so I am going to put up this one. It's an oldie that has my changes, from the Raw Food Real World cookbook by Matthew Kennedy & Sarma Melngailis. I use this recipe quite a bit, especially when I want to introduce people to the wonders of raw food, I need to modify it though because I found the original was way too sweet/salty for my liking. One of my favourite things to do is triple the recipe and add strawberries to one batch-which I always eat first, blueberries to a second, & leave the last tray plain. I have increased the amounts to reflect a 3-4 tray batch because I figure, if you're going to bother making cereal, make enough to last for a while longer that 3 days. Which, is as long as this stuff lasts when everyone discovers it & lovingly eats your stash. Meh-better they eat healthy & you be wise enough to make several trays. (Hide your personal stash) 
This recipe requires a blender & Excalibur food dehydrator, set on the living foods temperature setting. (105 degrees)


-5 CUPS raw buckwheat soaked for 2 hours, then rinsed & drained. Be sure it's raw buckwheat, not toasted. 
-1 1/2 Cup grade B maple syrup 
-2 Tbsp vanilla extract
-1/2 tsp sea salt
-1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
-1/2-1 Cup water or juice depending if you are adding fruit. I will leave 3 bowls separated with ingredients, omitting the water until I know what kind of flavour cereal I am making. Strawberry cereal gets strawberry juice, blueberry cereal gets blueberry juice, plain cereal gets water & a touch more maple if it's not sweet enough. Add a bit at a time so it's not too watery. 

-In a bowl combine all ingredients together, separate into three smaller bowls if you are making different flavours. 
-In blender, blend half the recipe at a time so it does not overflow, if you need to do 3 or 4 batches at a time then do so. - When it's smooth and looks like a thick paste, then you can spread it out on teflex or parchment lined sheets on your dehydrator trays. You must place the mix on a sheet, not directly on the tray, or else the cereal will goop through & you're going to be swearing at the mess to clean! 

                                       This is plain with the cinnamon. 

With blueberry, the strawberry pic did not turn out but it looks the same except pink because of the strawbs. 

This last tray has my Honey'd Graham's cereal on it, I believe in simplifying life whenever one can. So, I got into the habit of making several different kinds of cereals when it's dehydrator time, this recipe is already in a much earlier post, should you be interested. 

-Now dehydrate each tray for 10 hours and check them, if the cereal is dry enough, flip them over to allow the back to dry out as well as the top. If it's not ready, dehydrate an additional 1-3 hours until you can flip them and peel away the telex sheet or parchment paper. If some of the parchment paper sticks, don't worry, it's easily removed once the cereal is all dry. 
-Continue dehydrating for another 14 hours. This recipe requires a good 24 hours. 
-Once dry, you may begin breaking one tray of cereal at a time into bite size pieces & then place in storage bags or airtight containers. 

This is what it looks like when done:

Stored up:

It lasts 3-4 months if stored in a dry place in the proper container. I have never seen it last beyond a few weeks because it gets eaten so quickly, except for the bag above which was somehow forgotten during the holiday craziness. 
Enjoy it with milk of your choice, I always use almond milk, and fresh fruit. So good with fresh mangoes or berries. I have also been known to crumble it on my coconut yogurt! 

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