Turmeric Morning Inflammation Soother Juice

Yum yum and good for you, I am still recovering from being very sick. I am choosing juices that are healing and energizing, plus praying and being gentle to myself. Try to use organic ingredients for this juice, if you can't it is okay. I used lemon with the ginger and turmeric as a means to ease my digestion, help my metabolism, facilitate absorption, and for taste. This juice was not as sweet because of the lemon and turmeric, the latter of the two is known to be more bitter but bitter foods can be really good for us. They help build bile and in the case of a root like turmeric, it helps fight inflammation. I have a recipe for golden milk I am going to post at a later date which was recommended to me by the owner at the West Indian grocery store I go to, Punjab in Lasalle on Newman. I buy most of my herbs and spices from the Gagjit clan, I love how kind and helpful they are and I grew up with their son, as we went to elementary school together. Mr. Gagjit and I were talking and he mentioned golden milk as a way to battle inflammation, stomach disorders, and it is even used with Cancer patients, to much success. For now though, I am giving you this juice recipe and some simple pics to get started but keep checking back for more awesome recipes!

Fresh ingredients hanging out together and getting to know all about their rooty goodness. 

So, as it was early in the morning, and I, like an ass, forgot that Turmeric stains badly and was reminded because I neglected to wear gloves. Now I look like my superpower is turning bright yellow just before work. I can live with it, it has gotten darker now & looks kind of artsy fartsy. Smiling... 

Here be the recipe for golden morning wellness. Enjoy! 


3 Oranges, peeled
1/4 Lemon peeled
1 Apple
3 Carrots 
1 Knob ginger, peeled 
1 Piece tumeric, peeled 

Run it all through the juicer and drink straight away. Serves 1

It is not recommended to leave this juice for any length of time, as the healing properties of the turmeric are most potent and of best help to your body when imbibed without delay. 
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