Unicorns & Things I Love on a Saturday

Allo World!

Woke up feeling pretty happy and totally loving life today, I am grateful for the blessings in my life. When I wake up feeling this good I usually get silly and want to put aside all the difficulties and have some youthful fun! 
My first thing is to send my beloved a silly wake up text with one of my favourite things, a unicorn pic of moi. 
He's gotten used to the sparkly, bubble heart, puppy loving, environment protecting, cookie baking, all things pink liking, panda obsessed, Appa wanting, Spongebob watching, anime, Harry Potter and documentary adoring, Unicorn nutter that I am; which is how I knew he was the unicorn for me! I am sure we'll end up being the cool cosplay couple wearing this at a Comic con someday in the future. 
My geekery knows no bounds but it's all gravy because I am happy with it, it's a glorious expression of my youthful heart and an appreciation of some cool stuff life has to offer which I am taking full advantage of, while God grants me the time. 

I have a pressing need for blowing bubbles, it's windy, cold, and still depressing winter here, if you look outside, but why do that when you can blow bubbles? 

I seem to be wearing down the soon-to - be permanent roommate to a point where this just might be a bathroom reality! 
You laugh but this has been a 3 year, wearing it down process, I think this was one of the first things I discussed us having in our home together at the 4 month mark of our relationship. Think it was too soon? Nah, he knew he wanted to marry me the first month and I couldn't help but fall for his handsome, sweet, funny, delightful, Jesus loving heart. Plus when your man knows you and texts this kind of stuff, I say:
I have found some other fab geekdom items for our home, check it out:
                               Shut up and take my money:  
                           Panda speakers! How do I not own these already?:
Panda speakers!!!!
                  Nerd DIY! How to make a Rubik's Cube coffee table, by Better Homes and Gardens. '80s forever.:
This lamp for my PB, and seriously, it's awesomness will be appreciated by geeks everywhere, who come to visit.
      My lamp:

And who doesn't want a S'mores pillow on their couch?
                       S'mores Pillow Warmer - Always Room for S'mores. Make these your new warming pillow companions.<p>Smores-shaped oversized plush heated pillow-Soft Plush Fabric<br>-Large oversized:  
That's all for today folks.
I am off to do something that most likely involves sparkles, bubbles, my booboo, baking, and movies. Have a wonderful start to the weekend lovelies!
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  1. I love you my beautiful curly hair sparkly unicorn! You're practically revealing all my secrets on this blog Bratty Mcbratty Chef Kiki!