Happy St. Patrick's Day!

To mark this special day which is always on the 17th of March, I am putting a cute, not too long post with some Irish inspiration. Btw, the Irish really don't like it when people call it St. Patty's day, they always say St. Patrick's day. 
Now pass the Colcannon with some of that lovely stew & soda bread!
I am also going to send a shot out to my girl Kelly, she is definitely all Irish. So much so that she decided to be born on the 17th. Happy Birthday sweetpea, sprinkling some extra green fairy dust on you, for all the best for the year to grow on!

We do have some Irish in our family tree that originally hails from Scotland and trickles down to Ireland thanks to emigration and some other sordid details. This really adds to my mutt status but a melting pot with extra seasoning makes it all taste nice!
You'll need to forgive the lack of recipes, I had this whole Irish series planned but I have not been feeling well this week and that means kitchen time has been very limited; however, I came across these very ingenious Instagram posts from Wilton's feed and decided to share these sweet treats with their Irish celebration theme.
I adore the cute shamrocks and the rainbows! The next two pics are from Instagrammers that have their own baking businesses.
I liked how they decorated their cupcakes and wanted to share some fun inspiring ideas:

                   Look at these:
If you're wondering where I got the fun holiday stickers, they are from my photogrid app, which I use way too much. It allowed me to play with a pic of our fur baby which I am going to use, along with a prayer to sign off and wish you all a very Happy St. Patrick's day from our family to yours!
                I know, it's too cute indeed!!!!
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