Bien Confit! sans gluten free Etsy Shop is Officially Open!!!!!

Bonjour my lovelies.

BCGF has finally opened on Etsy and I am so thrilled to announce it here.
Enfin! Nous sommes ouvert sur Etsy.

There are listings with descriptions for some really delectable products and there will be loads more coming up for the Holiday season. There is also going to be a giveaway in celebration of the launch and for all you wonderful individuals who have been so supportive. So, you will need to keep coming back and checking in for that. In the meantime, click the link below, discover, spread the word, and get a leg up on your holiday shopping.
For now, I am shipping across Canada, with every intention of opening up to the U.S and International market in the near future.
A list of all the local markets and Bazaars that we will be in attendance at, will be posted early next week.  

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