Long Distance Love Pain & Waiting on God's Timing

Hello Lovelies!
Firstly, I am beginning this post with Cookie Monster. I don't know who came up with the idea of using him for the new iPhone 6 commercial but I must say, well played Apple. As a child Cookie Monster was always one of my favs, I had a stuffed teddy of him from crib days and kept him until he was matted and barely recognizable. Now he's in a commercial  in a Chefs hat, impatiently baking cookies and I just want to squish him. 
Speaking of squishies, I am missing my Poppa Bear so so so so much! Waaaah...

I know that sounded whiny but this has been a rough 2 weeks for both of us on the long distance front. I know that we are both struggling but some days it seems like he's handling and coping so much better than I am. This is probably a surface of the water thing, I am only seeing the calm exterior but still waters run deep and I know it's just as painful for him as it is for me. Poppa Bear constantly reminds me that he's for me not against me, that he feels the distance acutely, and that were in this boat together.
I just pray that God makes a way for us & that I can be more patient. His timing is difficult for me to bear with some days, impatience, a disgruntled sour puss attitude, and slight tantrums do happen. Then PB & I talk, we do a reading and we remind one another of the important things.
1-Look how far we have come.
2-Our love grows deeper every day and stronger with every obstacle overcome.
3-God has a plan, knows what is best for us, & would never abandon us.
4-There are thousands of people out there in long distance relationships, in worse situations, and they hold on; so can we.
5-All this that is happening now will make the moment when we finally get to come together, all the more sweet and we will cherish, honour, & not take it for granted because we know how hard it's been. 
These talks really bolster our love, soul's, & most importantly our faith. I believe the enemy has a field day trying to knock us down, wreak havoc with our emotions, trying to sabotage in moments of weakness. It would be all too easy to give up, but it's too beautiful to let go of & leaning on God becomes easier than being angry with Him for what we do not understand. 
It's humbling that hope, calm, & peace can return to a heart in turmoil, once you let go of the fear and hold fast to the love beside you, across the miles from you, & in God's heart for you.
                 Have a lovely day & God bless you as Jesus lights the way in our lives...

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