Making Our Way Through January & What's Up...

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Helloodles Lovelies!

As January continues to bombard us with its freezing cold weather, that leads to mild ups & bitter downs, then loads of snow, which makes way for rain that freezes over, I have become the blanket burrito woman!
We are hitting that time of year when day dreams are warm and tropical, filled with sandy beaches and colourful drinks with umbrellas.
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There's also that lack of sun and warmth sadness going around...

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I am still on medical sick leave from work, injury healing process is slow but steady. I long to be able to workout. jump around on my bed, and be back at work.
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My doctor keeps reminding me, patience, patience, patience. As this has never been my strong suit, antsiness and a bit or boredom melancholy visits from time to time.
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Still, I am finally having some good days, for which I am truly grateful to God and my PB. Both have been my rocks.
Poppa Bear has been very supportive, giving, and lovingly patient. It seems pain with sleep deprivation, thanks to pain, can make one have a rather short fuse, extremely irritable, and not always pleasant to be around. Hmmm, go figure.
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It seems I am to have one good day then 3-4 rough one's, followed by  2-3 take it real slow gurl days. Acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic adjustments are great but get really expensive. $60-90 a pop, which I am supposed to be having each every week-yikes! Don't get me started on physio.
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For now, I am being gentle with myself, doing what I can, and waiting for the CNESST bureaucrats to figure their ish out.
Frustrations aside, I have been able to cook or bake, here and there. Definitely no where near what I could do before, however, I am elated that I can do a bit vs nothing. I am working on doing a few blog posts for February, that will be lovely, gluten-free, share it with your love, moments & recipes.
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As my shoulder, neck, and back have a tough time with more than short spurts of typing, please bear with the fewer posts and spaces between them. Today is a good day, I am taking advantage of it but at less than an hour in, I can already feel the warning pinches and twinges. so, this is going to stop here. Do keep checking back, there are yummy nom's, recipes, beat the winter blah's, and other fun things coming.

Take care, be well, love freely...Chef Kiki
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