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Hygge as a Good Part of Self-care & Christian Living

Bonjour mes amours!

Today is a day for Hygge and all things Hygge related.
As we have hit the after holidays slump and we have realized that now the winter long-haul is upon us, it is Hygge time!

Excuse moi, but what is this Hygge of which thou speakest fair maiden?
What a good question grasshopper, let us begin the journey to answering said question.

In case you have been living under a rock, maybe in a cave with bedouins, volunterring in some isolated jungle, or just out of the loop, Hygge has become all the rage and is one of the more healthy trends of late. It is a gift to the world from the Danes, and is purportedly one of the main reasons so many in that part of the world report high levels of happiness.

What is so appealing about this trend is that it can be practiced alone, as a couple, or in a group with family and or friends.
It can be as simple as enjoying a cupcake by yourself with some pretty flowers and your favourite hot beverage.
Warming up your footsies by the fireplace in the wee hours of the morning, in your favourite pyjamas or comfy pants.
Gathered at the table, with comfort foods galore, inviting and relaxed lighting, good people to appreciate it all with while laughing and telling tales. It can also be moments you spend outdoors, as long as you are chillaxing, cosy, well prepared, and content.
Hygge goes well with the new buzz word self-care, and as I have struggled of late with much, Hygge has really resonated.

I adore the simplistic beauty and security that is nurtured by this movement.
Which is why my 2019 is truly, a journey in self-care, respect, and calm. I am actively seeking moments like what Hygge offers, and have been asking God to bring me to more moments, enlightenment, and people that nurture said actions.

There have been books written on this nordic tradition and they make for relaxing, inspiring, and lovely reading. I curated a few here for you, which I have found everywhere from my bookstore, the interweb, to Pinterest. I am not going to link these because I feel part of getting into the Hygge spirit is doing for you, at your own pace, investing in your well-being by finding out more for yourself.

There were some lovely recipes that I came across and wanted to share. I love that it is family, couples, or singles friendly, and it is healthy, comfort food, with a new yet familiar appeal.

I woke up this Sunday morning and remebered I had forgotten to contact my church buddy for a lift the night before, but I realized that the -27 degree weather we have been hit with this week in Quebec has been the perfect opportunity to get my Hygge on; while incorporating some Jesus time.
This was what my day started as and it has led to this delightful sense of reassuring, soothing, calm, that has been an elusive struggle this past week.
For some reason I wanted hot cocoa, not tea, which was a surprisingly nice change of pace. I made myself some eggs with my kimchee, gluten-free bagel thin, and a wonderful Asian apple pear. I made sure to set up a candle and have the Hygge cosies at the ready. I listened to the sermon and took note in my Bible of passages that were important during the sermon. It was all very calm.

It is important to approach the moment in a simple, healthful and inviting way. 
Food that is comforting and sustaining with a bit of colourful whimsy is encouraged.
I like this slow movement and am committed to nurturing more of it in my life.

The foods that we are encouraged to eat come from the Nordic diet staples, I sub out anything that has gluten for non-gluten, healthy alternatives. I won't lie though, man do I evah miss barley; but I digress.

Hygge is not only for during the cold winter months but is seen as a year round practice to enjoy and embrace .

The idea of self-care and Hygge may seem a bit strange and foreign to some, but it is a timely and Christian approach to the life that God has blessed us with. And when I think of Jesus, who is known as the Prince of Peace, Light of this World, I recall that he and his apostles gathered and broke bread. I am sure this happened many times before the last supper, and that there was always a sense of renewal, safety, and soulful love permeating every one of those shared moments. To me Hygge is part of fulfilling God's desire for our lives. Putting away the distractions, casting off the world weariness, stillling ourselves and coming back to center. What a glorious and healing gift that is pure simplicity, based on what we need as people, and dropping what we believe we must have.

Have a lovely and blessed day and try to Hygge away those winter blues with comfort and care!

Take care, be well, God bless...

Chef Kiki